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New York Releases Inmates Threatens Law Abiding Citizens With Arrest and Incarceration

New York Releases Inmates Threatens Law Abiding Citizens With Arrest and Incarceration

While releasing rapists, people in jail for home invasion, assault and battery, along with a whole host of crimes, New York is more than happy to let these people walk among citizens, then act shocked when they turn to prey on New Yorkers. But now they have turned on their law-abiding citizens, letting them know, if you meet with your neighbors, have more then two talking on the streets, we will arrest you, put you in the jail we just released hardened citizens from.

New York, as time as gone by, seems to be losing all its common sense. Look at who they elected to run the state and city that holds the same name. Governor Cuomo, while a darling of the left, much of this is caused by the left and the press refusing to report on his moves that brought about much of the expansion of virus cases in his state, instead they only focused on his crying over Trump not supplying what the state refused to invest in.

But worse, New York City went on to elect Bill de Blasio, a socialist who has lectured all on the virtues of progressive ideals says he wants to take guns from city residents while walking around with a security detail himself.

This is the same mayor who came out with his health commission and told people after Trump started warning the nation of the virus outbreak, had placed a block of all travel to and from China, deBlasio told the people Trump was xenophobic, AOC scolded New Yorkers if they did not dine out at Chinese restaurants they were racist.

To follow this up, de Blasio then had his people tell people that they should go to Parades, see movies, deBlasio even recommended which one to see, then the plague struck.

I am not saying that the whole thing is the fault of the leaders, the simple fact is that New York, like any major city, has millions confined in a small space, this is a feeding ground for viruses and other contagions. But having city officials tell the people to ignore the warnings from the Federal Government did much to aid in the early explosion of this. The bottom line, the people that love to lecture us on listening to science ignored it not because it was wrong, they did so because it came from Trump, that alone made it something they had to fight against.

Now we see New York, who has released hardened criminals, not because they did not pose a threat to society, they did so despite the risk so they could appear virtuous to their people. But now they have taken it a step further; they are demanding everyone, well, other then the criminals, better listen to the mayor or they could end up in the prison cells the inmates were released from.

I wish this was the only place stupid enough to do this, but so has Chicago, much of California and liberal ran cities all over the US. Here is an example of their great work:

To the left, not listening to their leaders, ignoring the demand from them that we give up liberties in the name of the better good is more dangerous than the hardened criminals they have released from jails and prisons.

From the contempt of Pelosi, AOC, and others, you see that it is unfathomable that one would dare to oppose their draconian laws.

In many ways, it is shameful how many Americans have allowed this seizure of our rights in the name of the better good. I had someone tell me that this could be a dry run for what the Democrats and far-leftist want to put in place in the future, all I can say is if this is the case, from my eyes we have failed utterly, to the delight of the socialist, we have gone along with their demands like sheep to the slaughter.

I end this with a word of caution. I had someone write to me and tell me that I was encouraging people to go out, ignore social distancing so more can be infected, they could not be more wrong. I trust Americans have enough common sense to know to do this, but telling us we have to give up our rights, to let the government dictate our actions, rather than ourselves, this is giving in to tyranny.

We as a people have the constitutional right to be heard, to protest, and I have no issue with this, but think at this time safety precautions should be taken, if you don’t wish to, then like with all else, you do it freely, and at your own risk.

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


  1. KM Figurski

    UMMMMMMM, this is Mayor Lightfoot of the City of Chicago, Illinois, NOT New York !!! If we are going to Post about what the Bad DemocRATs are doing, let’s make sure that we have our facts straight, Please …………………………………. Just Sayin !!!!

  2. Carl Mac

    Threats like this will just PISS PEOPLE ALL THE MORE, people need to come out in the millions and flood the streets wear your masks but flood the streets you pay taxes on it’s YOUR STREETS and screw the Mayor this is America.


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