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New York Times Sticks Up For Pedophile Priests

New York Times Sticks Up For Pedophile Priests

New York Times, as if they could not sink any lower, now are jumping to the defense of the pope and the Catholic church as investigations have not only shown massive molestation charges in one state that was investigated, but the Vatican and Church leaders in New York and other states were active in covering this up.

The New York Times seems to take the stance, if the GOP is against this, they are for it, does not matter how depraved the act is, they would rather protect the criminal wrongdoing then correctly report on the news.

Pope Francis, hailed for his progressive views on homosexuality and climate change, Pope Francis is facing growing scrutiny amid the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church. The idea of having a socialist pope in power means far more to the left then in exposing wrongdoing against our children, that is a secondary issue compared to pushing their agenda and having someone so powerful supporting them, kind of reminds me of President Clinton when he was in office.

The latest, New York Times ran a headline stating “Francis Takes High Road As Conservatives Pounce, Taking Criticism Public”. The deed that is done is not what seems to offend the people at the New York Times, rather that conservatives would dare bring this public and demand something is done.

This is a sad statement to the degeneration of the New York Times and how they have so fallen out of actual reporting, they are now nothing more than a mouthpiece for some of the degenerates on the left.

And for you that are Catholic, I feel for you, my wife was Catholic, she says this makes her so sad that a church that she loved so much growing up has turned into such a mockery for all she was taught.

But this, this is not new, you have people on the far left, the ones taking control of the party that now openly advocate for this type of thing: The Telegraph ran an article where European leftist academics are now saying that pedophilia is natural and normal for males, finds it offensive that it is a prosecutable offense, one would assume then that there is a reason why this is protected by the Vatican in Europe.

Here is a TEDx talk from Europe, they now are openly saying that it is natural for males to act or think in such a manner.

This is what the Accademia on the left are now pushing on us, is it any surprise that the Church, now ran by many of these people is being protected by the news sites that are supportive of the far left?

Thankfully there are people here that are happy to stand up and denounce this type of thinking, when the above TED talk came out Pastor Greg Laurie openly and very publically denounced this, saying:

“I wonder if we even know what is to be ashamed anymore in America,”Laurie said. “The Bible says that there will come a time when right is wrong and wrong is right, at least in the way people perceive it.”

Laurie warned that America has become a “nation of victims,” where things are “never our fault.”

In the above-shown video, instead of saying the person acting and thinking in such a manner is wrong, needs help, the speaker portrays pedophiles as nothing but victims, that somehow we should be accepting of this. Welcome to the left’s idea of morality.

I end this by saying unlike this speaker, we are responsible for our feelings, she is wrong, just making excuses.  What we think, training this or controlling it is able to be learned, there are things that are wrong. A great example of this is when you walk down a street, you see a beautiful woman, as a guy, part of your nature is drawn to them, but you can reject such thoughts, you can train your mind to say that if you grab that woman and have your way with them is not right, even such a thought is wrong, reject it and learn from it. And this does not even bring into account if you are married, why would you disrespect your wife by having such thoughts?

Drugs are not needed for this, it is then made out to be more like an illness, this is not that, it is a perversion, there is no excuse for this, and to claim that 95% never abuse children, I could care less, what I am concerned about is the 5%. I can say as a father, I grew up on a farm, if someone did this to my child, I remember how we used to castrate our cows, don’t think this would be much different, problem solved.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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