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NFL beware, NBA, MLB Ratings Crashing As Fans Turn From Game Rather Than Watch Woke Players

NFL beware, NBA, MLB Ratings Crashing As Fans Turn From Game Rather Than Watch Woke Players

The NFL is telling us they want to give us a scripted display of wokeness, yet when you look at NBA and MLB’s return from their coronavirus shut down, people have turned from them due to their constant pushing of Black Lives Matter talking points and other woke statements.

With both baseball and basketball draped in all sorts of Black Lives Matter and social justice symbolism for their opening games, a substantially smaller number of fans tuned-in to the rest of the week’s games.

We will see more and more people turn from these sports as they are getting tuned out to this constant barrage of victimhood, racist attacks, and excuses for people running around and acting like hoodlums.

What is more, when you have players living in mega-mansions, driving cars most could only wish for and paychecks that are more than the average person makes in a lifetime, it is hard to side with their claims that they are somehow oppressed.

According to, neither league did well.

As for the opening games, Outkick reported that the return of the NBA on TNT saw the following numbers:

Lakers-Clippers: 3.4 million
Pelicans-Jazz: 2.1 million

ESPN’s MLB return numbers were also underwhelming:

Yankees-Nationals: 4.0 million
Dodgers-Giants: 2.8 million

Outkick’s Ryan Glasspiegel added more ratings numbers on Twitter.

“To be fair since I compared MLB vs NBA return night 1, here is night 2,” (July 24) he wrote, adding:

MLB (last Friday, ESPN)
Mets-Braves (4p) – 922K
Brewers-Cubs(7p) – 1.0M
Angels-As (10p) – 797K

NBA (last night ESPN) (July 31)
Celtics-Bucks (6:30p) – 1.3M
Mavs-Rockets (9p)- 1.7M

The Athletic’s Ethan Strauss also noted that the numbers continued to fall off for MLB:

We saw this with the NFL, the fans turning from the game rather then be force fed a dose of unpatriotic nonsense from players who are claiming they are part of a oppressed class.

The difference between these games and the golf outing was the golf outing did not feed us a barrage of woke nonsense.

We watch games to escape the reality we are part of, to think we want to watch hyper-privileged players complain about how oppressed they are is not going to fly well with the American public, if they continue this they are going to find many of their loyal fans are going to walk away for good, never looking back.

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