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NFL Punts Flag Issue, Gang of Eight To Be Briefed On Russian Collusion

NFL Punts Flag Issue, Gang of Eight To Be Briefed On Russian Collusion

The DOJ after reviewing papers concerning the scope and direction is given in the Russian probe, also with the legal work done to set it up, now are meeting with the gang of eight to show them the evidence. The NFL made a rather ineffectual stance on what most of their fans saw as disrespectful, kneeling during the national anthem,  punting this down the road, I fear it will make things worse, not better.

The NFL Punting the Disrespect of the Flag and Anthem

The NFL does not get this, neither do the players, they are trying to walk a tightrope without realizing they are causing more problems then they are creating. In stating they will change the rules to a fine for any player that comes out and kneels, and the rest can stay inside, this will cause more issues as players figure the money means little, they are getting paid millions for each game, they will protest and pay what to them is chump change.

First, I hate to break it to you primadonna players, you are on a job, the fact that you are playing a game doesn’t make it any less a job, you are getting paid for what you do, and rather well I might add. I owned businesses for years if ANY employee would have taken it upon themselves to make a political statement while on my dime, I would have fired them, they were not hired to make statements, they were hired to do their jobs.

The fact that the NFL has grown due to the fans following them, something that has been on a downward slide since Kaepernick started all this stupidity, rather then stop this silliness the NFL dug in their heels, lost viewership, and kept trying to appease the players. This is the wrong way to do things, it is not the players that are paying the NFL, rather it is the other way around, it is the fans that are paying for tickets, it is advertisers that are paying millions to advertise to reach these fans, not the players, and it is the TV stations that are paying the billions to broadcast the games to the teams.

Now I have to ask, if the fans finally say that is enough of this, if we wanted this drama we will go to a political rally and turn off the NFL for good, how long will advertisers pay the same type of money to reach 1/2 the audience or 1/3 of what they used to reach? With escalating pay, if advertisers refuse to pay, then where is the NFL going to get their money from?

And these beautiful $1,000,000,000+ stadiums, who do you think is going to pay for it, the taxpayers? I know if this continues I will be damned if I ever vote for another dime of my taxes to pay for this, why should my dime go to pay for someone to make political statements I don’t agree with?

I and millions of others turn on the game to escape from what is around us, Democrats and Republican, ultra-liberal and the very conservative, blacks and whites, men and women all can come togather with a common bond that unites us, the love of our team, if you start throwing in all this political nonsense the common thread that unites all of us will be frayed, soon no one will find it so great to come togather with people with differing political though when we are forced to choose what political side we are on at the game.

What the NFL plans, either stay inside when the Anthem is played (this I have no issue with), or if you come out, and you kneel you will face a fine will just make things worse, both sides need to understand, this is a job, nothing more.

We need more, if a player is with a problem over the anthem, as I said I have no problem with them staying inside, if they wish to come out and make a statement, make the team and the rest pay, the player should be kicked out of the game with no pay, if they do it again, then three-game suspension without pay, the next time 8 games, then suspension for the year. The reason for this is simple, you have teams like the Jets coming out and saying they will pay for the players to protest, to stop this the team can do so, but they will then play their game without the players.

If the player union threatens to strike, I will say this, I love the game, been a lifetime Packer Fan, known many of the older Packers, watched them kids bikes back from practice, the team is in my blood, like many here in Green Bay, but I would rather see a replacement player play a terrible game then a high priced athlet dispresect the flag that our brothers in arms wore on their arms, fought for, gave up their lives for, died while fighting, had a flag drapped over their coffin as they were brought back to their grieving family, and in the end were laid to rest in honor as the family recieved the flag that accompanied these hero’s back home. I love football, but I love this nation far more, respect my brothers in arms who gave all so we could have freedom far more then I respect players who are trying to make statements while on the job.

If you want to protest do it on your own time, I don’t care when the game is done, you can have a platform to show your grievances, I and others put on a uniform, people died for you to have this right, but we don’t have to agree with them, nor should we be subjected to this disrespect if we don’t wish to be.

Justice Department to brief  the Gang Of Eight

In a move that has the left becoming more and more frantic, we now have the justice department under orders from Trump to give a briefing to the gang of 8, a bipartisan group of Congress, to show the scope, direction, and the documentation for setting the Russian probe in action.

Naturally, the left is howling in protest, claiming abuse of power, seems even though they are leaders of Congress they must have missed out reading whom the authority lies in to order this, the President:

Also, seems he is screaming that the gang of 8 should stop this, funny, they are going to be briefed, also, he nor they have any right to try to curtail the authority of the president, I think as the walls are closing in you will see this type of thing become more frequent and shrill.

I do find it interesting that the Democrats, who had no interest in any of this material, now that it was seen by Nunez and Gowdy suddenly are beside themselves that they didn’t get to see it, further, no matter if it even shows gross violations, the left is so set on ridding themselves of Trump, they will allow this nation to go into a complete constitutional crises, ignore the rule of law to allow this to continue, and will spin and lie their heads off in manufactured outrage the whole way.

To add more fire to the flame, in another twist, three Republican Senators — Chuck Grassley of Iowa, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee; Lindsey Graham of South Carolina; and John Cornyn of Texas — sent a letter to Rosenstein and Kelly Tuesday expressing interest in attending the meeting.

Fox News’ John Roberts, Kristin Brown, Chad Pergram and Jason Donner and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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