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Now Democrats Want Prisoners To Vote

Now Democrats Want Prisoners To Vote

The latest with the delusional left, they are so desperate to gather votes as they see their own constituents shrinking in size, now they are pushing for Felons serving a prison sentence to be able to vote.

One finds this selection of rights they are worried about, but ignoring other rights, seems this selective outrage is the latest move by the left. One has to wonder what’s next, their desperation to get votes will force them to make amends then to draw in the prison vote, are we going to give privileges not earned?

The reason for this? The bottom line, the left has gained the votes of the youth, but they traditionally don’t turn out like other demographics, so they have to go for another group, one that holds 2,298,300 people (2016 figures, the number today could be over 2.5 million), one that they can then harvest votes from.

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Now some of you may disagree with my stance here, and that is fine, we all have a right to our opinion; but I feel that every person upon completing a sentence, along with probation or parole should have all their rights restored. To take any rights, including the 2nd amendment should take a court order, one that should be determined in a case by case review. There is nothing in the constitution that says if you commit a crime, other then treason where your rights as a citizen are taken from you for all time.

I know some may not like this, but as a strict constitutionalist, I think that any law that infringes on our rights as a citizen is against what the intent of the founders was.

So why the push to suddenly allow prisoners to vote? The Democrats lost power in 2016, they are determined to never do that again, so we see pushes on multiple fronts to remedy this. This is primarily coming from three fronts, they are listed here.

  1. Allow Prisoners and felons still on parole or probation to vote.
  2. Bring the voting age down to 16
  3. Push to allow none citizens to have a voice, thus allowing them a vote

We have gone over the right of prisoners to vote, but there is a much more insidious reason for this. In states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and others where the race was tight, giving prisoners the right to vote could throw off the majority of votes from the GOP to the DNC since prisoners show more of affiliation to the left. I promise, if they showed more of a connection to the GOP, this would never even be allowed to be in a discussion.

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In states like Wisconsin, where I live, where Trump won by 22,000 votes, which has a prison population of 23,687, if they could pull in 90% of these votes, it would close the vote difference to just 700 votes. States like Michigan, you are looking at Trump won by 11,500 votes, having a prison population of 50,000 in jails and prison, you take 90% of these to vote, it would have the state switching to democrat by a margin of 30,000 votes.

This is the first step of the left to try to remain in control, the worst thing the GOP could do is ever allow them to be guilted into falling for this claim. The DNC does not care about these prisoners, but they do care about the votes that will give them back power. This is the first step to taking back power by any mean.

If you look at the teen population in these states, they are harder to come by, but in Wisconsin the number of kids in High School is 261,218, we are looking at 1/2 of these kids are 16 years of age or older, giving this generation, who as a rule are more liberal than their parents, would even if they pulled 65% of the vote, would give the Democrats another 39,000 votes, this would put Wisconsin along with just about every red state into the blue.

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The next step will be to allow illegals to vote, with someplace between 11,000,000 and 20,000,000 million illegals in the US, this divided by 50 states, and the migrants show overwhelming support of Democrat ideology, they cater to them after all, this would then give them even at a small figure 75% of their vote, this means another 165,000 votes for the DNC in each state. If you look at the states that voted red, let’s see what this would do?

We will take Wisconsin’s prison and school figures, it is not one of the larger states, so this will favor the actual figures in the Democratic, side, but that is fine. Here is what we are looking at:

  1. Prisons 30,000
  2. 16+ voters 39,000
  3. Illegals 165,000

This gives a total of an extra 234,000 votes per state, we then see why they are doing this if you look at the 2016 states that voted for Trump.

  1. Alab. 1,318,255 Trump 729,547 Clinton Change – Trump wins by 120,000
  2. Alaska 116,454 Trump 163,387 Clinton Change – Clinton Wins
  3. Ariz. 1,252,401 Trump 1,161,167 Clinton Change – Clinton Wins by 468,000
  4. Ark. 684,872 Trump 380,494 Clinton Change – Clinton loses
  5. Flor. 4,617,886 Trump 4,504,975 Clinton Change – Clinton wins by 468,000 votes
  6. Geor. 2,089,104 Trump 1,877,963 Clinton Change, Clinton wins again.

I can go on with this, but in the end, Trump would have lost Iowa 36, Kansas, Louisiana, Main 2nd, Mississippi, Montana, 2 of 3 of the Nebraska votes, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina.

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This would basically give the DNC a supermajority in the Electoral college, the exact reason why they are trying this, no other party would be able to ever touch the White House again.

I would love to say it stops here, but it does not, last, the states are now trying to put together a compact that promises their electoral votes will go to the winner of the popular vote, this needs to be nipped in the bud, taken to court right now, what they are trying to do is make the electoral college obsolete, it will not matter any longer, thus disinfrancizing all the middle of this nation. If we are not going to be given a voice, why would we even wish to be part of the union? Seems they have not thought this out, or could care less what the majority of the nation thinks.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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