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Obama And Holder Leading Fight Against Redistricting

Obama And Holder Leading Fight Against Redistricting

Upon leaving office Obama found when the votes did not go as he wished, it was obvious that the liberal goal was not going to be implimented by vote, he had already seen the whole nation switching away from liberal ide0logy with votes acrross in state and federal elections, he and members of his administration knew something had to be done, he hooked up with his friend Erik Holder and set in motion a means to upsurp the will of the people, force elections to go the way they wanted and to preserve the insane liberal policies they had force for eight years on the nation, they choose the one little noticed, yet powerful path to do this, redistricting.

One of the things we have seen since this republic was born was the changing of districting over representatives. This comes due to population growth, shifts from one area to another, it is and has been done for over 200 years to take this into account. But there is another reason that this is done, it is called gerrymandering, this is when a political party takes control of both federal and state houses they rework the districts to benefit their party. Holder and Trump knew this, thus before Obama even left office, plans were being drawn up to retake power in a most insidious way.

In 2008 with Obama not only sweeping into office with overwhelming votes for him and the DNC, the State legislators benefited from this as well, as such they set to make the states more beneficially zoned for their political party. From 2010 on, as Obama started to face backlash over policies, while he remained popular his policies weren’t, the voters responded by taking away his super-majority not only in the Congress and Senate, but we saw a historic loss of both statehouses and governor seats as well. Due to this as time went on the GOP set about resetting the districts to undo the way the DNC had set up the districts by placing high democratic blocks paired with GOP districts to undo their voting strength.

We now have Holder and Obama setting up shop where they are going state by state trying to undo this correction, to keep the high democratic districts with GOP rural area’s so as to offset their votes. The DNC claims the GOP of gerrymandering, but they are the ones that set this up, then cry foul when it is re-corrected.

This is not a new practice, American attempts to tailor district lines for a political gain stretch back to the country’s very origin. Patrick Henry, who opposed the new Constitution, tried to draw district lines to deny a seat in the first Congress to James Madison, the Constitution’s primary author. Henry ensured that Madison’s district was drawn to include counties politically opposed to Madison. The attempt failed, and Madison was elected — but the American gerrymander had begun.

And both sides are equally guilty of this, one side wins the election, the other than see’s the need to ensure they get re-elected, write out strong voters of the opposition away from their district, or they add parts of another district to theirs that offsets the opposition voting, thus our districts have been fluid since elections started.

I am not saying this is always a bad thing; when you have a voting block in a city that leans heavily left, and the county around it leans to the right, it is hardly fair to have the larger city numbers outpace the rural votes, thus ensuring they get no representation. But as you can see, the ability to perverse this into something it was not intended to be, to silence votes is never acceptable.

We now see challenges in Wisconsin and other states by Holder and his team, forcing districts back to what the DNC wished, Obama Judges are ensuring these interests are followed, our only recourse at this time, and it does take time, is to make sure we all get out to vote so what has been done since 2016 is not undone, not through the election booths, rather by activist judges and leftist moving to win what they can’t by-election.

The reason voting is so important is not only to move legislation by what we desire, but the court vacancies are controlled by the president, but more are accepted or denied by whom controls both houses, if we wish to see a continuation of removal of activist judges, or more accurately to prevent more seats by these people from being filled, our votes are what determine this. Remember, officials are elected for two, four, or six years, judges are appointed for life, the only way they lose their seat is to retire or resign for another higher bench.

Sometimes what seems small and insignificant, we see the outcome when it comes back to bite us. We have seen since Trump has taken office activist judges, judges appointed by Obama who decide it is their right, not the president and the legislators to make and enforce laws, this shows the great difference between the parties. The GOP believes Judges are only in place to enforce and interpret laws, the DNC believes that judges should remove laws or ignore them if they don’t meet societal expectations, they feel that victimization should take place in holding people accountable.

The best place to show this is the article I wrote two days ago with the 6 young men that brutally raped a 13-year-old were given probation in the article PROBATION FOR RAPE SHOWS OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM IS FAILING US. The reason the men were given probation and not a lengthy prison sentence is due to Brown and the California legislature not wishing to see what they see as victimization of blacks, who commit more rapes along with other violent crimes then any other demographics in proportion to their population, made rape not a violent crime, thus it was just a sexual, so probation by the courts is seen as adequate. This was done with Brown’s “Prison and Criminal Justice overhaul.”

This is the future of what the Democrats wish, to not only redesign our districts so they will have a strong voice by pairing rural conservative area’s with blocks of liberal high population area’s, thus even though the area is not as large as the rest, the numbers overwhelm the votes of the people in those districts. They also want to revamp our justice system, not to protect society and victims, rather protect the perpetrators, this meets with the demand of the left for protecting what they see as victims, even if their victimhood is created by themselves.

A great source to read more of this, it gives links to what it is showing is the article by Professor Justin Levitt’s of Loyola Law School, All About Redistricting. Even if one I don’t agree 100% with his political stance, I do find the information of the law, the fight for this rather enlightening, and you can find out about national cases where Holder and others are leading the liberal fight to keep things the way they had changed them and not go back to how they were. In all fairness, the writing is from a liberal perspective, but one can learn from it as well.


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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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