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Obama Legacy Is Dead With Democrat Candidates

Obama Legacy Is Dead With Democrat Candidates

I have to say; it is about time. Finally, the leaders of the Presidential Field for the Democrats are exposing Obama. The need to do so because Biden, being the front runner, has held his spot due to running off of Obama’s coattails, the only way to knock him off is to start to uncover the Obama legacy, one that to be frank is not good.

The Democrats, who have held Obama up in almost god-like status for years now, in spite of the terrible state he left this nation in, he put the US more in debt than every president before him combined. He left this nation more divided then it has been since the civil war, pitting race against race, yet they still think he did a great job.

Turning on Obama is a calculated risk, but one that could backfire on the candidate should they should succeed. Trump is excellent at using another’s words against them, if they start to bash Obama, I think the Democrats have much too rosy glasses when looking at Obama, Trump will use this as a hammer to beat the contender over the head with one victor comes out of the debates.

As the Democrats move further and further to the extreme left, with the likes of AOC, Ilhan, and her other friends within the squad driving the narrative. Add to this Sanders and people like Elizabeth Warren, we see when Warren is considered one of the more sensible figures of the far left, just how far they have slid to the extremes.

While the Obama legacy has held the left-back from moving to the extremes, more towards the new Progressive values, with the attacks on Obama, the left now is opening the way to swing even further to the left. This will, in turn, strip away much of the support they have from people who are either center-left or right on the political spectrum, for they usually support who is closer to them on the range.

They may not like it, but Trump is more a center-right candidate, he is not further to the left in a way that VP Pence would be, this then gives the voters a choice, far-left extremist policies, or more of the status quo which has our nation in great shape right now.

While some of what we have seen with the Democrat debates may be frustrating, the constant pandering to the far-left, this is a great thing for the American people; it is exposing the Democrats today as being a party out of touch with mainstream values.

The left is going to wake up after this election is done, they are going to realize that they have moved so far to the left they have left the American people behind. While they have the support of the youth, the young are not the ones that vote; it is the people in their thirties and on that do most of the voting, this embrace means nothing if you can’t get the people that support you out to vote.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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