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Once More With Two Convictions, Left Thinks They Have Trump

Once More With Two Convictions, Left Thinks They Have Trump

Two Convictions, Left Goes Crazy

Once more we see the left acting like Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz, thinking they finally have Trump are dancing and singing the Wicked Witch Is Dead, but is this so? What happened that got them in such a hysterical state? Turns out there were two convictions yesterday, by forcing admission on one for a plea deal, Meuller’s team has tried to set up Trump.

What we heard time after time yesterday from the liberal news sites, and yes, since I do report on the news I listen to both perspectives of what happened, so I usually take some anti-nausea medicine and turn on MSNBC, CNN, and then open up Huffington Post, so I can see where the left is coming from.

In what is seen as a great break in the left’s quest to remove Trump we saw two convictions, one with Manafort, but that has nothing to with Trump, he was convicted on 8 of the 18 counts of tax fraud by the Special Counsel and the court (I still wonder what any of this has to do with Mueller’s mandate to find Russian Collusion).

The second conviction, the one against Micheal Cohen sent the left into a feeding frenzy because Mueller’s team had the conviction against him read that he was in violation of campaign law for paying off Daniels and another woman for Trump, that he had done so with money he wrote off as campaign contributions, even though they don’t mention Trump in the conviction, they very well could make him an unindicted conspirator, but this does not mean there is a conviction, just the production tried to read in charges, but by no means shows there is any crime by Trump.

Even if they did show that Cohen paid off at the request of Trump, is there anything that shows Trump told him to write it off as campaign contributions, further, with Cohen, in the beginning, saying he was never told to do this, then he was, wasn’t. his story has changed so many times, I would say he has little or no credibility, so trying to say that the conviction plea showed this, all Trump’s team has to do is show this flip-flopping time after time by Cohen and the whole claim is brought to doubt.

Also, with Trump self-financing, how exactly is this campaign funds if he paid out, which he did with the first woman before stormy? It was his personal funds, there is no law about this, with the ultra-wealthy this is done all the time, does not even show guilt, they just pay to make problems go away.

Double Standards

In another case, there was the issue with the equal application of the law, in the same charges we just saw leveled against Manafort, Former Wasserman Schultz aide Imran Awan sentenced to time served, or 30 days in jail, and he was not only busted for tax fraud but was also caught spying on the US for Iran, one has to wonder, where the justice today?

Further, when we see open collusion with Russia, Ukraine, using Steel, who is a foreign operative, who in turn went to the Russians to collect dirt on Trump, put togather a dossier, to date no conviction has come out of this, the courts have ignored all of this, and Meuller refuses to act on what was obviously a case of collusion.

So far what we see is if you are conservative, or a supporter of Trump, the law will be used to its full extent at you, if not, then they will slap your hand and let you go. It is time to end this travesty, sitting during proceedings against Imran Awan was AG Sessions, refuses to address what is obviously a mismatched justice system, it is time for him to go, we need to bring in an AG who actually has some backbone, at this point I would say that Sessions is the worst AG we have ever had, it is time for him to go.

We are seeing that justice is dead, the Justice Department is willing to go to any length to get rid of Trump, does not matter  that he was elected legally in by Americans, that does not matter, they will do as they must, crucify who they need to so as to bring a charge against Trump, does not even matter if it is all trumped up, they just want him to go.

I think what is more, they actually think if they get rid of him there will be no reaction to this, I think they are sadly mistaken, if they remove Trump on a stacked charge with no crime shown, they risk a civil war. The left and establishment know that Trump is the single most threat to their power, they will do what they must to rid themselves of him, I personally don’t think they care if such an act splits this country in two and sets up an armed conflict once more with brother against brother.


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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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