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Ontario Backs Isolation Of Children Exposed To COVID For Two Weeks

Ontario Backs Isolation Of Children Exposed To COVID For Two Weeks

In what is shocking, saying the least, Ontario is now advocating putting young children in isolation, with no human contact, for two weeks if they even come in contact with another child who has had contact with someone with COVID.

The only conclusion one can take out of this directive, the people, making these rules up have had no children, not understanding that such a move, putting a child in isolation would psychologically damage this child.

The Ontario government says parents need to use “common sense” when it comes to isolating children who have been dismissed from class or childcare because they may have been exposed to COVID-19. But health officials apparently believe it’s still best for kids to be completely isolated alongside one caregiver and then for both of them to be kept away from the rest of the family.


“We know that if somebody may have COVID-19, we would like them to be isolated for up to 14 days,” said Dr. Barbara Yaffe, Ontario’s Associate Chief Medical Officer of Health, at a news conference on Monday. “However, we obviously understand that you can’t leave a child alone. You have to use common sense.”

The problem with this is parents on Twitter are now saying they are prepared to put their children in isolation if that is what is needed to control the spread of this disease.

Even prisoners, other than the most egregious offenses, are not locked in isolation, for doing so affects their mental state and is considered cruel and unusual punishment. Yet, we now have people demanding we do this to our children.

Some are seeing the problem with this, are speaking out against it.

“I would certainly not dispute the need for quarantine when deemed necessary. However, as it stands, the current policies appear to be explicitly advocating for the isolation of children, including young children,” says Fulford.

“There are ways that one can quarantine without it being so incredibly harmful to children. And one obvious place to start is to let kids play outside,” added Fulford. “The risk of transmission outdoors is vanishingly low.”

Dr. Lawrence Loh, Peel’s medical officer of health, responded to the controversy at a separate Monday news conference by saying their guidelines were “an error made on a communication product,” which “has since been removed and is currently being revised.”

Some error, “Let’s lock the children away in rooms, give them no human contact.” This is not health; this is fear, where the child’s wellbeing is taking second place to the well-being of the adults.

The backlash caused them to change their rules, now saying a caregiver should isolate with the child. Yet, the fact this went out in the first place shows that fear, not science, is ruling our response to COVID.

I have a child, I would happily and purposefully put my life at risk for the sake of my child, sadly I don’t see the same thing here.


I had this discussion with a doctor, asked why the CDC’s own data shows that influenza is more deadly to children than COVID, yet we never shut down our society or schools over an influenza outbreak; why are we doing this? He told me that this puts the elderly at risk, the question was reasonable, yet he did not think so, “Why then not put the elderly and at-risk group in isolation? Why are we destroying our children’s lives?”

We are told that the left is the party of science; I beg to differ, they use science as a battering ram, but when that does not work, they use fear the same way, many times interchanging them, even though they conflict with each other.

I need to qualify this and say, “I am not a doctor; I am not qualified to give medical advice.” With this being stated, I can read statistics and see that the numbers don’t back up the rhetoric. We need to demand that they do match or run the risk that after a while that what we are being told will be ignored because we don’t know what truth is and what is rhetoric or fearmongering.

This was done in Canada, hopefully we are not stupid enough to try to walk in their footprints.

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