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Ouch: Trump Supporters Savage Alyssa Milano Over Massively Hypocritical ‘Olive Branch’

Ouch: Trump Supporters Savage Alyssa Milano Over Massively Hypocritical ‘Olive Branch’

Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano offered an “olive branch” to conservatives Tuesday on Twitter, but the public gesture was warmly received by few, as the American political divide continues.

Milano, 47, just spent the last four years using her pulpit to effectively label half of the country as racists.

The actress also pushed messaging in favor of defunding police agencies and dismissed a credible sexual assault accusation against presumptive president-elect Joe Biden, almost certainly because their politics are aligned.

Milano, apparently under the impression that Biden has defeated conservatism, told her 3.7 million Twitter followers Tuesday that it’s time to heal.

“I’d like to extend an olive branch to Trump supporters,” the actress tweeted.

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“I am ready to move #ForwardTogether. There’s so much work to do to heal the nation. Let’s be a part of the solution and not add to the problems we face,” she continued.

“My comments are open.

“Please reply with #ForwardTogether,” she concluded.

Unsurprisingly, after Milano spent four years gaslighting conservatives, and in 2018 attempted to ruin the life of a great man by helping to smear then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh, few Trump supporters were interested in her peace offering.

Even some on the left scorned the actress.

Milano took a better position than some leftists.

Since the establishment media crowned Biden the winner of the still-contested election, many on the left have called for Trump supporters to be put on creepy lists or re-educated, and some have even hinted at prosecuting the president’s “enablers.”

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But Milano’s oh-so-kind gesture of an “olive branch” shows how out of touch she truly appears is.

This woman just spent years attacking Trump’s supporters to the core, and attempted to dehumanize them by labeling them as racists and fascists.

Conservatives seem as unified as ever to fight for the country’s values, to fight for election integrity and to unite against the left’s dark vision for our future.

A peace deal on social media from a former B-list TV star is as empty and shallow as Milano’s #MeToo movement activism.

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