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Outkick’s Clay Travis Exposed Just How “Fake News” the Washington Post Is

Outkick’s Clay Travis Exposed Just How “Fake News” the Washington Post Is

Clay Travis has long been a favorite here at the Louder with Crowder Dot Com. Ever since the words “First Amendment and Boobs” were originally put out into the universe (see HERO: CLAY TRAVIS ON CNN SAYS “I BELIEVE IN THE FIRST AMENDMENT AND BOOBS.” YES, REALLY! and THIS WOMAN WON $20K FOR EMBARRASSING CNN, YELLING ‘BOOBS’). Travis was asked to do an interview with the Washington Post. Knowing it would be a hit piece since Travis has a platform that ISN’T being use to promote progressive politics, the radio host took meticulous notes.

The full transcript of the interview is at Outkick. I’d suggest reading it and then reading the WaPo pice if you want to see how the sausage is made. Though since it’s a fake news sausage, it’s full of ToFu and vegan feelings. This provides a good summary.

I decided to record every minute of my conversation with the Washington Post reporter and post the portions of our conversation he decided to use as quotes to demonstrate how fundamentally artificial and devoid of context those quotes truly were.

The Washington Post’s story about Outkick is just shy of two thousand three hundred words. Do you know how many of those words are direct quotes from me?

94 words.

Like I mentioned before, this is all about Clay Travis, Jason Whitlock, and the rest of Outkick having a platform where progressive ideology is challenged. That’s a no-no on the left and the worst thing you can do others say, “You know, I think Donald Trump has a point.”

Which, don’t get me wrong. I would prefer if sports stayed sports and politics stayed politics. I don’t shut the world out for seven hours of commercial free football and beer every Sunday to care who the edge rusher is voting for. However, when the athletes are getting political and its creeping in to the sports, it obviously has to be covered. I just want to hear it covered fairly with BOTH SIDES given equal time. That tends not to ever be the case, and when people like Outkick attempt to do that, they’re “othered” by others in the media.

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