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Over 350,000 Ballots Disappeared in the California Recall Election on Tuesday Night – AP Blames the Incident on a Staff Error

Over 350,000 Ballots Disappeared in the California Recall Election on Tuesday Night – AP Blames the Incident on a Staff Error

On Tuesday night over 350,000 ballots tabulated in the recall election in California disappeared on live TV.  The AP responded yesterday that this issue occurred due to a human error.

On Tuesday night on CNN, live in front of a national audience, over 350,000 ballots calling for the California recount suddenly disappeared.

This is similar to the many ‘glitches’ we uncovered after the 2020 Election, where ballots seemingly disappeared.


Captured in Real Time: That Moment in Virginia at 5:12 AM Where they Took 373,000 Votes Off the State Totals

We discussed these peculiar events with Steve Bannon in the War Room.

Yesterday the AP provided a reason for the disappearance of the ballots in the California recount election on Tuesday.  The ballots disappeared due to a staff error.

CLAIM: During live CNN election coverage of the California recall election on Sept. 14, more than 350,000 votes to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom suddenly disappeared.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: Missing context. Edison Research, the polling firm that provides election data to CNN, said a data reporting error by one of its staffers caused false vote totals to briefly appear on a live CNN broadcast. The error was fixed within two minutes.

Nothing to see here.  Run along. (Again)

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Notes from the Editor

One of the problems we will be facing from this election on is after the 2020 elections. With widespread evidence of fraud in Arizona and other states, the Democrats know they can rig elections, so why would they stop? I would love to see a comprehensive check of California’s recall, but the left controls the state. Does anyone think they would allow this?


We can do little to protect election integrity with liberal states, but then they don’t vote Republican, and since the electoral process is all or nothing in these states, does it matter now? If we clean up our states, they will possibly see the need to.

At this point, this is our only option, or start mass secession from the US, that I will not advocate for.

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