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Pakistan – Takes Aid, Then Disprespects and Stabs In Back

Pakistan – Takes Aid, Then Disprespects and Stabs In Back
After reading a tweet from a member of the Pakistan government in response to what Trump said, I finally felt that this has gone on long enough. It is not just Pakistan, but the whole world, they seem to think it is their right to demand we give aid, than move to stab us in the back when we look to them, one has to question why we are giving them anything.

Tweets and response in Tweets

So what happened? Trump in frustration with Pakistan, their support for terrorist many times within their own nation, and ones are active in attacking US citizens, he responded with the following tweet:

In response to a Tweet by Trump concerning giving aid to Pakistan, the Pakistani Government through the Minister of defense replied:

I have said for years that dealing with Pakistan is a total waste of time, they threaten the free world, you have elements within their government that supports terrorist, they after all hid Bin Laden in open sight in their own country. They demand we give them money while blackmailing us for more; it is time to put a stop to this. 

I for one think we need to go even further on cutting off aid; we need to look at these Islamic block nations that are openly colluding to try to stop the US while having their hands out for aid. Seems they think that we should be thankful for their disrespect with attacks against us, that we dare to have a national policy different then what their religious ideology demands, yet all the time they sit there with hands held out for more money.

I have no issue with a difference in faith, but I have a HUGE problem when one faith thinks that they have the right to issue threats of violence, attacks and even threats of war if they don’t get their way; why are we are we caving into their demands? You never give in to a bully, otherwise you encourage their behavior. 

What is more, they actually act like we owe them this money, we no one anything, the US gives out a sense of charity, they do it for human rights issues, they do it to try to bring nations to support our policies. One has to ask, if we are giving all this money what are we getting out of it?

This becomes more serious when you look at the fact that the US in debt up to their eyeballs, we currently have our roads and bridges in such disrepair, to fix only our bridges would run us about $160 billion, so one has to ask, why are we giving billions to nations that don’t even like us to build up their own infrastructure?

But we need to be  blunt with this; you have nations like North Korea that are spending over 20% of their resources on their military, then is it our duty to supply them with free food? Of course it is not, we do it because it is the humane thing to do, but that only goes so far when nations like this demand we continue to give, or don’t demand but watch their citizens start. 

You have Pakistan, they have not enough resources to build their own roads or rail system, but they do have enough to pump almost 4% of their GDP into military spending, which is 9 billion. So why do they feel we are obligated in any way to give them anything?

Obama gave them $860 million in aid in 2016, Trump correctly asked why we are giving them this much, cut the aid down to $526 million, yet they are acting upset that we aren’t paying them more, in fact now by the tweets they say we aren’t giving anything, so why are we?

In total since 2002 we have given Pakistan the following figures each year:

2002 – $937 million                                        2009 – $1,354 million

2003 – $378 million                                        2010 – $1,867 million

2004 – $406 million                                        2011 – $1,086 million

2005 – $490 million                                        2012 – $1,001 million

2006 – $689 million                                        2013 – $1,071 million

2007 – $689 million                                        2014 – $858 million

2008 – $614 million                                        2015 – $933 million

In 2016 we gave Pakistan $804 million, that means over the last 15 years, and this is not counting in 2017, we have given over $13 billion in aid to Pakistan, yet they are insulting us by saying we have only given them invective and mistrust, I must say, if this is the gratitude that they are showing for $13 billion, this is more aid than 20 nations last year had in their total GDP, yet we are told it is nothing. 

I for one am tired of these nations thinking we owe them this money, we owe nothing to them, or anyone for that matter, it is charity we are giving, this is never a obligation. 

I am left wondering what we are getting from this aid, more so with the last vote we witnessed in the UN against us. These nations received in 2016  aid to the amount of:

Israel      –        $3,500 million

Afghanistan – $1,510 million

Egypt      –        $1,460 million

Jordan    –        $1,000 million

Pakistan   –      $803 million

Kenya       –       $630 million

Nigeria      –      $608 million

Tanzania   –     $591 million

Ukraine     –     $514 million

Uganda     –     $469 million


Yet remember, they all voted against us, decided they had the audacity to demand we do what they say after sticking their hands out to us for money. It seems much of the world today thinks we are a welfare check, they don’t see the money as something we give out of our generosity, they demand we give it, but I have to ask, other than giving money to terrorist, what do nations like this help with? 

I say we look at the nations that voted against our sovereign right (Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Nigeria), you had others that decided to not cast a vote, which I have no respect for, either give your voice one way or the other, to sit back and do nothing is cowardly.

Sad thing is, not one nation we gave aid to, with the exception of Israel, Ukraine, and Guatemala, voted with us, instead they attacked and condemned us for daring to hold our giving of aid over their heads as blackmail. There were some nations that decided to sit out, that way they would not have their vote on record one way or another, but to me that is just spineless.

I find it maddening that nation’s demand  we give aid, then refuse to not only stand with us, but they actively move and vote against us, and not just in this case, we have seen in the case of places like Israel this is a habit. What is more, if you listen to the people, they actually attack us actively over our aid to Israel, like it is anyone’s business who we give our money to.

It is time to turn off the spigot and make decisions on what is most advantageous for us. We should look at aid as an investment, one that we demand the right to call on when needed, if nations are not willing to hold up their bargain, then maybe it is time to look elsewhere to invest.  

Now I know some will say, “What about the starving children?” I must ask, when an nation spends all their resources they could spend on food and infrastructure to feed these very kids, instead they spend it on aid terrorist, building up a war machine to intimidate their neighbors, are we then obligated to support their citizens?

I do feel terrible for the children, but as heartless as this may sound, we need to look at what inaction on our part does. When you have kids dying and you see the regime spending their money supporting terrorist and other people, you react, and not in a great way. Look at the problem with Iran right now, the people are in the streets marching and protesting for this exact reason. If we continue as is, nothing gets done, but we start to cut off aid the people have little choice but to take matters in their own hands. 

Maybe it is time to relook at our interests in the area as well. We may want to look at India who not only share our ideology with democracy, but as a free society are fighting Islamic radicals, terrorist whom many times supported by our so called ally Pakistan. I have for years said that we would do better to pull all funding and aid from Pakistan, give our aid to India.

The reason for support of India is  sound; we would be aiding India grow into a regional power have an ally with shared ideology, even if our interests aren’t always the same, they would be a great counter to China, and if we started to shift our trade their way it would aid both our nations in a great way while halting Chinese expansion.

We could set up a political alliance with India, the US and Israel working to bring stability, this would also serve to hold radical Islamist at check; India has suffered greatly at their hands over the years. 

At this point I don’t believe Pakistan is our friend, even a our ally for that matter, we are a useful rich uncle they take money from, disrespect us, then work against our interests in promoting their own radical Islamic agenda that is masquerading at democracy. I for one am tired of it. 





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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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