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Palestinian Authority Seeks UN Court Order For Removal Of US Embassy In Jerusalem

Palestinian Authority Seeks UN Court Order For Removal Of US Embassy In Jerusalem

We now have in a move not too surprising from Abbas in rejection of the US moving the embassy to Jerusalem, they are now trying to take us to the world court to dictate to us where we can place our embassy.

We first faced them taking the US to court for daring to cut off aid to them, this I found rather amazing, they actually think they have a right to dictate to the US who we may, or may not give our aid to. This never went beyond a threat, the ICC has no jurisdiction to dictate to any nation whom they can and can not give money to.

We then saw the outrage over the moving of our embassy to Jerusalem, a move in response to the Jerusalem Embassy Act, a law every president prior to Trump promised to fulfill, then turned in extension after extension to put off honoring the law, Trump is the only one that acted on it.

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This caused outrage with the Arabs since the move was announced Hamas has organized protests and riots on their side of control along the Gaza border, they are continuing to this day to press children up to the fence to use them as political fodder.

The Arabs will continue to push this due to they can’t have their claim to the city looked at or if you ask this question you face outrage, calls of Islamophobia, for the greatest danger is to look at their claim through the lens of history, something we did.

In response to the move of the embassy, the fact that they can’t put pressure on Trump, the PA has chosen to file charges against the US in the ICJ for daring to move the embassy.

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“One year after the Trump administration carried out its provocative and illegal action, the State of Palestine continues to seek justice and accountability through the tools and mechanisms available to law-abiding and respecting states within the international system,” PA Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki said in a statement published by Wafa news outlet.

Vowing to continue the battle against “illegal acts of aggression,” the Ramallah-based administration promised not to “surrender to political bullying and extortion.

It is time to call an end to this charade, if the Arabs wish to continue this, tell them we will not only not present a peace plan, but we will support Israel annexing the settlements in Judea and Samaria, land that has historically been part of Israel.

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On a side note, this may have come about because of John Kerry who has felt it is his responsibility to go around and try to meddle in the affairs that Trump is trying to achieve. It was reported he specifically told Abbas to hold in there and not give into Trump, he then went back and told him that Trump would not last out the year. This is in direct violation of the Logan Act, and although this law has never been used to prosecute, this would be the time to take this up in charges against Kerry.

It is time not only to stop this move by the world to try to dictate to us where we can place our embassy. It’s also time to take a look at players from the last administration who has not yet gotten the idea into their heads, they are no longer in power, to try to manipulate events that they have no legal authority to.

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