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Pallywood, Coming Soon To a News Site Near You

Pallywood, Coming Soon To a News Site Near You

We explore the phenomena called “Pallywood,” how it is used to present a fake narrative about Israel, but also how the West is now learning from this to do the same thing here.

What we have all seen the headlines, poor Palestinians are murdered by hateful racist Israeli’s who opened fire on them for no reason why these were peacefully protesting, but is this the real news, is this what was going on or is Palliwood involved with this?

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What is Pallywood?

In the latest news, we saw AFP run an article titled Palestinian woman dies after West Bank stone-throwing, yet is this the actual story? It turns out it is not near the truth, in the article they state:

Palestinian witnesses and security sources cited by the news agency said the stones were thrown by Israeli settlers.

Stone-throwing incidents implicating Israeli settlers have risen of late, the Palestinian security sources added.

They go on then to show the reason for this attack, the Israeli settlers were responding to a knife attack:

Tensions have been running high in the West Bank over the past week with two attacks against Israelis.

On Friday, Israeli forces said they had arrested a Palestinian on suspicion of stabbing and wounding an army reservist on guard duty at a checkpoint south of Nablus the previous day.

Another wanted Palestinian, who is suspected of killing two Israeli colleagues and wounding a third in the northern West Bank last Sunday, remains on the run.

What we have presented are Israeli settlers angry over an attack on their own, but when we start to dig in other sources, we find out this is far from the actual story.

The same story ran in Israel, which I have learned to check now when I see AFP, AP or other European based news sites running a story, most times you get an account so slanted that you are presented with a story that has little bases in facts.

Here is what went on.

There were attacks, and yes, there are cases of settlers throwing rocks, what happens when you have terrorist running around stabbing people, the people being attacked my respond, but we find out in the Times of Israel that Israel is not only investigating if this was done by Israeli Settlers in response to the attacks, but they are also investigating if this was a crime of mistaken identity by Palestinian rock throwers.

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While this may not seem like a very big distinction, we have seen time after time where attacks by Arabs are blamed on the Israeli’s, the Press runs with it, only to find out it was all a lie, but no retractions are ever given.

One of the most interesting articles on this is one done by 60 minutes years ago, it was called Pallywood, they run a report that researched the creation of news, many times with actors, directors, all with open collusion with the European press, you see the production done up, then ran on the news cycle later.

What I find most interesting about this is how 60 Minutes, usually a good investigative news site, after political pressure took down links to this article, you have to go to YouTube now to find it, they have removed it, it is not convenient to their narrative now of painting the Arabs as victims.

Sorry, the video quality is so bad, all you can now get hold of is old VHR recordings, here is Pallywood:

Here is a more modern article on this, you see that the one above, which was aired after 2010.

This goes even further than this; you now have Hamas using a Mickey Mouse type of character to indoctrinate their children:

You can see them use this same character, show Israeli’s killing him to cause hate in their children:

I wish this was all that was being done there, what is shown not only to the children and Arabs there but the world as well, we see much more in the way of fake news, such as the attacks in the last conflict with Gaza, the current conflict with the so-called peaceful protest. We are told these are a peaceful protest, but when you look at the photo’s you see they are anything but that, just more Pallywood at work.

See the source imageImage result for Gaza protesters attacking the Israeli fence
Image result for Gaza protesters attacking the Israeli fence

As we can see what is being presented as a peaceful protest, once more the news is only giving us half the story, thus presenting a fake narrative by omitting very pertinent facts.

Why this matters here?

Now, you may ask why this is so important, we are Americans, and you may have a point, but as we have seen, what goes on overseas soon comes to roost here. We have seen an uptick of staged news in America, we have seen sites like CNN busted for staging the news, rather than reporting on it. We have seen the constant fake news attacks against Trump, most times there is little or no retractions for the story, if there is, it is done in a way that hardly anyone notices. The damage was done, that is all they care about now.

If you think Pallywood is only confined to Israel, one of our closest allies, then you have not been watching this closely, not only do they do this in Europe, many times these fake news feeds come here. The press seeing what traction this has given the Arabs there are not starting to do this here, the truth matters little, it is all about perception.

As the left has continued to lose ground, they have grown in desperation, they now see that any means to spread their goals, seizing power is more important than being truthful to us, sadly the gatekeepers of our democracy, the ones protected to kept these people in check, they are now no longer doing this, they are walking hand in hand with them aiding in their quest to seize power by any means.

You may think Pallywood is confined to Israel, but you are in for a rude awakening if you continue to believe this, it is already here. It has morphed into what the left here wants it to be, news acted out and manipulated to present a story that has little bases in truth.






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