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Pelosi Claims: Impeachment Is Not Worth Her Time, But Is This Really The Reason?

Pelosi Claims: Impeachment Is Not Worth Her Time, But Is This Really The Reason?

We have seen the startled looks on TV, the press on the left is bewildered, how could Pelosi say that impeachment is not worth her time, this is all they have been working for in the last 3 years, now she says no? Why is this?

The reality is in spite of Trump seeing anyone and everyone around him having their lives upturned, not one bit of dirt has come back on him. The press will breathlessly tell you it has, but it hasn’t, to date not one person around Trump, or he himself has been tainted with any sign of collusion, instead what we have are charges mostly due to the investigation, or crimes that were committed long before Trump came into the picture.

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Prior to Mueller coming to office, the FBI looked for collusion, they themselves could not find any evidence of this, it did not stop the talking heads on MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and others from telling you in giddy excitement that Trumps days were numbered, they were 100% sure that there was going to be found collusion followed by impeachment.

The problem we have is sites like CNN refuse to let this go, even though nothing has been shown, it seems they are staking their whole reputation that there is, they are going to continue with the collusion claim, even though there is none:

What is most startling from this, you have Cohen, who has been shown time after time to lie, they now act like when he says what they want to hear, he is now a credible source? This is how desperate the left is to impeach Trump.

But CNN is not going to stop here, they now claim that knowledge of hush money being paid out will end his career, but this is too funny, there is no crime with paying money to shut people up, if there is, then show the law, something these reporters can’t do, but does not stop them from repeating this lie.

I think what CNN does not understand, I and most of the people that voted for Trump could care less if he had a affair or not, we did not vote for him to be our moral coach, we voted for him to fix a economy, to stand up to the deep state, to expose players that should not have been in a position of power.

As is shown in the interview above, where CNN says they now have Trump in a felony, yet when you hear the discussion, there is not one case where they can say that Trump was involved, the complaints of an affair happened long before Trump even ran for office, so what does this have to do with now? What I see is a desperate move to grasp at anything, no matter how bad it is to try to continue their narrative, after all, collusion claims seem to be falling apart, they are now digging for straw to proceed with impeachment. .

The reason Pelosi and others say that trying to go after Trump with impeachment is not worth their time; they know there is nothing to impeach over, this not any collusion, in spite of what the liberal news is telling us. What they are trying to do now, rather then run this nation, they are going to with their 80 separate investigations of Trump try to dig up anything they can find, they need something, anything, if they are going to have a prayer of replacing him in the White House with one of their own.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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