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Pelosi Claims The GOP Is Cult-Like, Suggest Republicans Clean It Out. Has She Ever Bothered To Look At Hers?

Pelosi Claims The GOP Is Cult-Like, Suggest Republicans Clean It Out. Has She Ever Bothered To Look At Hers?

I am always amazed at how the Democrats can blame others for what they are doing. Pelosi is a case in point; while we deal daily with progressive zealots that attack anyone who dares disagree with their ideology, instead of addressing this problem, Pelosi is lecturing the GOP of acting like a cult following.

Poor Nancy Pelosi. Her power so blinds her that she thinks that Republicans want advice from her.


The California Democrat and Speaker of the House are currently in the United Kingdom for this weekend’s G7 Heads of Parliament Conference. She appeared at the Cambridge Union for a moderated conversation where she urged her “Republican friends” to rescue their party by conforming to the Democrats’ plan for America.

From her pulpit, Rev. Pelosi informed the English how the Republicans have done. Pelosi spoke to the audience as though she were addressing the GOP directly, telling them that the Republicans have done “wonderful things for the country” in the past. But she chastised the party for allowing a “cult” to “hijack” its agenda.

After listening to her for a bit of bit, one starts to wonder, is she referring to the Trump followers, or is it something more than this? Yet listening closely, you soon find out it is much more than this; the problem she has is the GOP is refusing to allow her to put in place all the Liberals want, that is enough to have her accuse them of being evil people to the world.

After watching the fiasco of the last election, she is accusing us of not ignoring this, trusting her and Democrats to run our elections correction. I think Senator Kennedy said this best, “Trusting the Democrats to faithfully run our elections makes as much sense as trusting Weinstein with your young daughter.”

The speaker claimed that today’s Republicans want to “suppress the vote because they have no positive message to win” as she willfully buys the lie that efforts in states with GOP governors like Georgia and Texas make voting more difficult for minorities. She added that the GOP could only win by suppressing the vote, ignoring Republicans’ gains at federal and state levels in 2020.

Pelosi then went on to accuse the GOP of disrespecting the “beautiful diversity” of this nation. The black, Hispanic, and Asian members of Congress who are serving in the Republican Party would most likely beg to differ, as would the growing number of minorities who have turned to the GOP in recent elections.

In this, we see the typical response one would expect from the left, accuse us of being racist while they are pushing CRT, which demonizes and blames a whole race of being evil because of the actions of their ancestors in the past. If they want to push for correcting past wrong, maybe we should ask them to disband the DNC; after all, they set up the civil war, went to war to keep slaves, fought against equality, were the creators of Jim Crow laws.


Of course, she could not finish her lecture from her high and mighty place without addressing gun control and abortion in England; she informed the people how corrupt the GOP was to insist that our rights were sacred, not something the DNC had a right to mess with.

One would hope that many in Europe are smart enough to see through this; sadly, one has to wonder, they are the ones that continue to elect far-leftist to run their countries into the ground.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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