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Police Captain Suspended For Daring to Question “White Privilege”

Police Captain Suspended For Daring to Question “White Privilege”

In a move that starting to remind me more of coming from a fictional book then of reality, we now have our officers of the law being forced to accept the idiocy of “White Privilege”. His crime, he dared to question a claim made in a class for dealing with the trans-gendered community that they were 3 times more likely to suffer violence then a normal person was.

I have my whole life been about proof, if someone wants to argue, show me the proof to refute what I am saying, but that usually is not the case, instead you get arguments like, “Everyone knows,” or “It is just common sense,” these never move me, I want evidence. The captain during the class where the trans-gendered instructor was teaching this brought this up, the Captain said he had never seen such police violence, his wife hadn’t, nor has anyone around him, so why would he take their word without evidence. At this point, another pops up and says he would understand except his “White Male Privilege”.

What you have is in the article I was going over Salon to justify this claim shows a screenshot of a claim made, but when you start looking for facts, there simply are none, no references, nothing.

Now do trans-gendered people face more violence, they may, actually such a thing would not surprise me, you always have one idiot or another threatened by such a thing and will attack these people, but daring to ask for proof is not a crime, and being offended when one of your fellow officer’s throws “White Privilege” in one’s face is not one either.

Seems today that common sense, using facts to provide proof of a stance is being taught as no longer necessary, you find this all over the world now, you ask for facts or dare question something being taught you are told most people believe this, so why can’t you? You are shouted at as a bigot, racist, or a fascist if you dare to ask for such a trivial thing, how dare you ask for proof, you should just be one of the sheep and go with the flow.

It is not a crime to ask for proof of a statement, nor does it show bigotry to say you will not accept labels, yet sadly today this is not the case, people seem to think today with this progressive outlook that the law of majority thought is more important than factual thought. You see this in colleges, the very place where you are taught to question all, the people that actually question any of the left’s pet idea’s get attacked. Sad thing is, it used to be in universities you were safe to question all, to try to take on the unthinkable, see if there was something others had not thought of, today it is not so much this way.

Sadly, what I see today is not so much a sign of an advanced thought, it is more a place of indoctrination, students come in and are taught to never question the norm of thought, doing such things will bring the wrath of others upon them. The universities today remind me more of the universities in the 1930’s and 40’s in Fascist Germany then they do of a modern state, this has been perpetrated by the press and the establishment, they now want to force this wrongful thought and ideology on us all.

The most frustrating part, the press going along with this, rather than show the officers in a meeting, Salon and the author Liz Posner from AlterNet has to post a cover picture of these officers behind a riot gear like this is what they are doing on a daily basis. As usual, we see Salon pushing their far-left agenda, news and facts mean nothing, pushing their ideology on the unsuspecting masses does. This is nothing but #FakeNews trying to push an agenda, the sad part is, they don’t even identify their writing as an opinion piece.

At 0censor we aim to bring news that is news, articles like this are opinions and are labeled as such, the two should never be mixed unless specified. Our readers deserve better then what has been given, we aim to grow in this practice, to give the news that can be separated from opinion, and where opinions are given from both sides of the Isle. As such our needs are many, we are a very small organization that is growing at a rate that is taking us by surprise, we want to continue on as we are, not to take money in from larger organizations with their own political agenda, as such we count on advertising and you the reader to aid in our ability to continue. We ask this holiday season you remember us in your giving.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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