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Police Forces With Hands Tied are Quickly Sinking With Morale At All Time Low

Police Forces With Hands Tied are Quickly Sinking With Morale At All Time Low

With police finding themselves now with charges be pressed if they act, condemnations and attacks if they don’t, are quickly feeling like they are being assailed from all angles. With an unprecedented amount of police walking off the job, saying the stress and conflicts within the post are not worth the risk, we are going to see the need still to fill the ranks as more and more leave, departments are going to be forced to fill their positions with officers that will be more corrupt and more abusive.

In Atlanta, the Police Chief has resigned, the head of the police union has said he has never seen morale as bad as it is now, officers are starting to question if the job is worth it.

The one thing police used to count on was the city and authorities having their back. Still, now with no grand jury, no investigation being conducted, we see the DA of the city filing charges without the facts, responding to mob pressure rather than the rule of law. One has to wonder, is there where the Democrat-controlled cities are headed? And if they end up going down this road, no one is going to be comfortable living in their towns, unless you are a felon, then you are in for a field day.

I am starting to wonder why the police in these cities have not gone on strike. I would do this and stay on strike until the city decided to stop pressing illegal charges.

One can only imagine what a city would look like if the police walked off, the county sheriffs are not designed to come in and fill the vacuum, nor could the state police, the cities would quickly burn. I am starting to wonder if this is what is needed, pull the police protection from the Mayors and District Attorneys, and see how quickly they change their tune when disgruntled citizens come hunting for them with a grudge.

With moves in cities like Minneapolis, where they are now moving to disband the police and replacing them with social workers, one can only imagine how this will turn out; it will not be long until people start to migrate out of these cities. The question for us that don’t live in cities controlled by the far-left progressives, do we want the people that kept voting these people into office in the cities they just fled from to come to our towns, do we want to see the same moronic policies enacted where you live?

Right now, the reactionary left is controlling the narrative. We are told if a police officer is assaulted if their weapon is taken and they respond, they face a death sentence. What is more, prosecutors, like the ones in Atlanta show they will change the bar when it suites them. We were told a short while ago, where police were charged with using excessive force in Atlanta for using their taser, we are now said if a taser is in the hand of police, it is a dangerous weapon, in the hands of an assailant or a felon, it is not, how do you differentiate when the goal post moves like this?

No one can work where the rules are not laid out, nor should the police have to work where they are unable to defend themselves, at least if this is against one group in the US, with African Americans. We need clear rules, race should not be part of this equation, the screams, and protest of systemic racism is nothing but a fiction, if you look at proportions to crime calls, the death of African Americans is much smaller then whites, but this is not told because it doesn’t meet the criteria needed for the narrative the left is telling.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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