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Political Correctness: Acceptence Or Descent into Madness

Political Correctness: Acceptence Or Descent into Madness

Political Correctness, When Is It Appropriate And When Is It Not?

Today political correctness is a term you hear on the news, read in papers, pick up on the internet, but what is political correctness and where does demands of acceptance pass from normal to the insane?

The definition is defined as:

conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities (as in matters of sex or race) should be eliminated

We all want to be politically correct, goodness knows it is better to show acceptance, love and a willingness, then to be bigoted and hateful. But where do we find the fine line between our own right to individuality and others right to demand of us we accept theirs at the detriment of our own. We see much of this in the courts now where people of faith are being forced to attend events that they find violates their faith, but be subject to humiliation by the other party to show that their moral choices are the better one. This is wrong, it is not equality, it is subjugation

Political correctness in the workplace

The world and workplace is rapidly becoming more confusing, it used to be you knew when you went to work you showed up in a suit and tie, women in dresses, it was a unspoken dress code; now if you have work to do, you take off your jacket, roll up your sleeves, or in many cases like in the tech world, you come in with blue jeans or sweat pants, comfort is more important then what the customer sees, the reason is with the advent of the internet many times not one customer will ever physically interact with a employee, it is all over the phone or though the computer.

Today at work you see professionally dressed people, others as slobs, some want to be able to show their uniqueness, if you dare ask for dress code of sorts, you are seen as confining, not willing to allow others to express themselves, but where does one’s right to expression have to take a backseat in a work place over the customer relations, or better yet, a productive work environment? We also need to take into account, what I saw when I was younger, everyone in suit and tie, things aren’t this way anymore, we used to know “suits” were coming in the work place because as the term we used to describe them was the way they were dressed, but go into Google, Apple, Facebook or other places like this, the owners and upper management come in with casual attire.

In that regard I am old school, my customers are always my first consideration, with any business you will not survive long if you take the needs of your employees and put them over the needs of your customers, but you do need to remember there is a fine line between protecting your employee and allowing a customer subject them to humiliation because they don’t believe or agree with their life choices. It also needs to be stated, a customer may show indifference, it is not their responsibility to accept, although it can be argued that is a right of all to have respect shown to them.

What if someone is a transsexual, do you have to allow them to come in dressed as a woman? What if they want to be a woman today and a man tomorrow, there are some people that feel their sexuality is fluid, do we have to make a work around for this, or do they have to figure out a way to keep their changes confined to when they are not working? Because someone wants to be what they are, are we obligated to give them what they want, and when does it go from their rights to infringing on the rights of others? Today we see two groups of thought, some on the left are saying we need to accept all, even the insane; the other side of the spectrum says we need to accept ones choice, we however don’t have to partake in that choice or enable it. .

My personal view is you have to do your best to meet the right of your employee, look out for the comfort level of your customer, but as with all things, the customer comes first, comfort and political correctness comes second.

Political Correctness in our personal life

Outside of work things change, no more are you concerned about making a customer either happy or at least comfortable; but in our personal life, we switch from trying to work at ease with our fellow workers or with our customers to being as you please. But does this mean that we must give up our own uniqueness to the demands of another? The biggest question is when does ones demands supersede our own right to happiness, our moral codes, and what we perceive the world around us as? Just because someone feels they are one way or another, do we have to accept this?

I have always felt that sexuality is a personal thing, it is not my right to expect others to live by what I think is morally right. How I feel has no bearing in what they feel, if I try to force my own held beliefs on them, how can I then demand that they in return respect my right to think differently? Can one demand respect for their individually not give the same back? And if you are demanding that others respect your right to this, then do you have a equal right to not give it back? Seems what we see in the movies is not how things are in the real world, as a rule you get what you give, if you aren’t willing to accept another believes or has different values then yours, then don’t play the victim when they return in like kind to you.

And just because I accept your right to your own morals, do I have to accept them? I would say no. You don’t have to accept something to respect ones right as an individual, seems today we are far too caught up in thinking that without acceptance or approval by someone we are slighted, that is equally incorrect, you have a right to be as  you are, another has a right accept or not accept your beliefs as morally right.

And here comes the next point, with personal belief, if something is outlandish, say a white man who is 6 feet 5 inches and weighs 350 lbs, walks around and says they identify as a female Filipino, do we have to accept that he/she is a dainty Filipino just because they love Filipino food and thinks they are a woman? Are we expected to accept trans-racial belief as well as transgendered? Can they claim racism because you are not accepting, and does a white person who thinks they are another race have a right to claim that somehow, we have to guess what race people think they are to make them happy, not only that, but society then to accept they are a minority? And what  if you have a large man white as Elizabeth Warren  who claims they are a black woman from the jungles in Zimbabwe, many would find that a rather outlandish fantasy, do we have to accept that? But if we are going to look at this in a politically correct way,  do we have to deal with them as a minority? I would say once more no, we can accept they want to be as they wish, but we don’t have to accept what they claim to be anymore then we can demand they believe and have a personal belief that we have.


Is Change Good Or Not? And When Is It Too Much?

We are quickly getting to the point where people demand we accept others, but if you infringe on their own world, then suddenly these people have a huge problem. If I think I am Elizabeth Warren, then do I have the right since I feel that I am her, to be a senator while I feel that way, to demand that I get to sit in on her government briefings, maybe have access to her bank account? What if I feel like a millionaire, can I go into a bank and demand they give me what I feel I am owed? If a person thinks they are a bear, do we have to allow them to put on a bear suite and go in and try to get randy with the bears? I am not even sure if the bears would eat them, such behavior would most likely have them rather confused. And if we start going down this path, were does it end? What if I am 22 but I feel I am 65, then can I claim discrimination if the government won’t start giving me my SSI retirement checks? And if I see a home of someone that I really like, should I have more right to it than they do?

This is where we are headed, where anyone can be anything, where does the madness stop, in some ways I feel like Alice looking down the rabbit hole, you wonder what point of madness will pop up next. We have for so long lived in a literal world, you are what you are, changes were not accepted, then we changed to where you could change, you can change your gender, you had people think they are another race. Does someone who thinks they are Tinker Bell and Cocaine is Pixie dust, do they have a right to prance in a skimpy outfit,  throw cocaine at them and claim its making them fly (they may think so if too much of this ‘Pixie Dust’ is thrown at them).

Political Correctness, where will we end up?

There must be a point where personal expression is allowed, but delving into it to far is not displaying personal expression, it is going down to personal fantasies, that is not the duty of anyone to accept, only the ones that wish to. I think that due to this all be suppressed so long that we are seeing the rubber band effect, this will go forward to the absurd, the crazy, then slowly (hopefully) society will start to pull this back, say this is just too insane, while you have a right to personal choice, you also have a duty to the society around you, not they to you. While we have a right to demand some things to be accepted, such as your personality, how you want to dress (unless this leads to conflict with a dress code at work), most times these are personal choices, they are your right to do, they are not mine to accept. We need to realize that accepting ones right to choice does not mean we have to agree with that choice.


About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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