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Political Correctness: Sliding Down the Rabbits Hole

Political Correctness: Sliding Down the Rabbits Hole



With all that is vying for our attention in today’s world, we hear not the problem with hunger, killing Christians, attacks against people of different faiths, no it is political correctness that the left seems to have a fixation on, one that I may add is totally unhealthy. But how did they get to this point?

A Day in the Life of a Political Correct Progressive Democrat

Today was the worst day I have ever had. I was tired from spending time with my rabbi yesterday, must admit, he is the most insensitive person I have ever met, just allows things to slide, doesn’t seem to care about all the offensive things out there.  I rose out of bed this morning, delighted, thinking this was going to be a great day, but what is the first thing I come across as I leave the house? A man wearing a white shirt with black vertical stripes, I just had to yell at him, never seen such callousness, what was he thinking, my ancestors had to war those shirts in the camps, I yelled at him so he would never forget, “What are you going to do next, sew on a star!”

As I was walking to work I went by a park, there was mother bringing her child to a zoo, I yelled at them, “Why are you caging those poor animals like they did the Jews in the camps, fences, leave them there until you kill them, what’s next, you going to build a gas chamber and ovens to get rid of the animal?” The mother rather than apologize took her kid, glanced back at me, I could plainly see the antisemitism in her eyes, as she hustled away I gave her a parting shout, “I see what you are teaching your child, you are an awful mother!”

On the way I met up with great friend Jim, we met each other in the Young Democrats of America, Jim understands all this racist nonsense, he is African American and like me he has had enough of this. Walking together we saw a man with a cotton shirt, Jim yelled at him, “Why are you wearing cotton, do you want to force me back into the fields to pick more cotton so you can wear more oppressive shirts like that?” I was so proud of him, it was like the Halloween, I was visiting and he had a mother come up with her kids with a banana, pineapple and a watermelon, Jim did not mind the pineapple or the banana, but the watermelon, that was too much, he told the kids to get off his property now before he ripped that costume off the child, some people are so insensitive, I am sure it was racist, why else would you dress your child up as a watermelon?

Then just before we got to work, I saw the worst of the worst, a man was wearing a hat that said, “Make America Great Again!”, that was it, Jim ran up and knocked the hat off the man’s head, I started to scream at him what a racist he was, why else would you wear such a hate fill hat. As he went after Jim, I started to throw rocks and dirt at him, after all he was a Trump supporter, since they did not vote for Hillary, our beacon of light, and we know that many White Supremacist supported Trump, well other than those stupid KKK members that said they were supporting Hillary, and we rejected their hate, this means that this man and all the other Trump supporters must be fascist, why else would they vote the same as the fascist neo-Nazi’s?

When the police came, you could tell they were fascist as well, I told Jim to run, started to scream, “Hands up, Don’t Shoot”, then when they came and spoke with me, I told them I wanted no part of their white privilege, the one police man was so stupid, he was African American, must be a hater, a fascist himself, because he asked how he could have “White Privilege” when he was black, he was so stupid. I went inside, we were planning on making up posters to boycott Pink Floyd and their album, “The Wall”, we must show solidarity with our Hispanic brothers, we are pushing to outlaw the word wall, it has become so offensive, we now want to just call such a thing a vertical structure!

As we can see, more political correctness gone haywire. 

The Rabbit Hole

Does this sound ridiculous? It sure does to me, but sadly this is where we are headed. We have heard of the civil war statues coming down, although I have to admit I wonder why not the same reaction to Native American statues, they owned slaves as well, they sold enemy tribe members to Europeans as slaves, up until the mid-1800’s they held slaves as well as anyone else, but then so did the Free Blacks, in New Orleans prior to the civil war over 50% of the cities free blacks owned at least one slave, so are we going to destroy any Black American statue in New Orleans that was part of this?

And if we are going to continue down this path, they now are taking out Abraham Lincoln’s statues claiming he owned slaves, which is terribly incorrect, he never did, but some are saying he had people in his cabinet that owned slaves, Grant owned slaves, even though he was the commanding general that led the Union armies to defeat the south and end slavery, while he did pick up ownership of slaves when he married his wife he did personally own one slave, he ended up freeing him rather than selling him, even though at the time he was in very bad money troubles, for it was the right thing to do, naturally this is ignored, he was also the one that started enlisting freed slaves into the military and then paying them, something they had not done prior to this.

We are on a very dangerous road, when everything offends you, like the character in the story, you walk through life looking to be a victim.  I have told people there is a terrible problem with the term racist today; used to be if you were called a racist, you would make amends, go to the end of the world, the worst possible thing you could have in your life is to have such a label attached to your name, then along came the last administration, we were told if we did not vote for them, it was due to us being racist, his wife came out and said her husband being elected to represent the democratic party in the election was the first time she ever felt proud to be a American (what a sad statement), people started screaming at others that you better vote for Obama or you would show your racist colors. His wife came on TV and said the reason people did not support her husband had everything to do with the color of his skin, thus we saw the equating of political view become a racist matter, forget that we had African Americans serving as GOP members, the left became so enthralled with this, they started to call them Uncle Tom’s and no one said a word.

We saw this go further during the debate over Obamacare, you had the Black Caucus members yell that tea party members were calling them the “N” word [1], yet when the audio was released, there is no recording of this, naturally the press went crazy, labelled all Tea Party members racist, John Lewis stood on podiums and played the victim, yet when the video and audio came out, not one corrected their stories, they had already done the damage, it was time to move on, in the process Americans started to lose faith in our press as well.

By the time the elections this last election cycle we had a taste of what was to come. We saw Clinton lie and cheat her way to the DNC candidate, her attitude towards doing what had been done was totally unapologetic, like it was her right to steal, with help from people like Schultz the nomination from Sanders, what was worse, the DNC leadership went right along with it, then could not understand why so many of their Sander followers were so disillusioned that they either did not vote or voted for Trump. What is more, we saw open confessions of breaking the law, hiring in agitators to cause problems with the Trump campaign, the press was told and they were right there to film, acting like what had happened was a typical day in a Trump rally. People going to attend a speech had to run through a gauntlet of rabid anti-Trump people throwing eggs, insults and threats, trying to cut off access to the speech, in turn liberal mayors did all they could to obstruct the speeches, naturally the press played along, became so openly bias that they did not even bother to hide the fact that they were not reporters, were instead activist pretending to be reporters, yet when one questioned so called secret sources, they shouted in outrage, how dare their honor be called into question.

After the elections we had melt downs, kids cried and asked for safe places, teddy bears and hot cocoa, then turned to marches, screams that Trump was not their president, we saw this explode in the lunacy of the Woman’s march with stars yelling filth I will not even put down in word, others saying they wanted to blow up the white house (if someone had said this during the Obama administration these same people who have sent the person into hiding, the press would have screamed for their arrest, and death threats would have been coming in a steady stream). The liberal press supported this, lifted this up as patriotic, then went even crazier in their attacks, started with the idiocy of blaming anyone they did not agree with of being fascist, claimed there was homophobia, yet Trump was actually the most supportive GOP leader the country had ever seen, then things started to turn petty.

We had first the outrage over Chick-fil-A, outrage that the owners could dare to uphold their Christian faith, naturally this become a hot spot for attacks from New York to any town with a liberal majority, yet they kept growing (this started during the Obama term), then we saw the outrage over Hobby Lobby in their floral decoration Isle, where you can put together materials of artificial plants, in the isle there were  some fake cotton plants , that soon went viral, the were screams of outrage, such racism by showing such a plant, didn’t they know that slaves picked cotton? We then saw a fire fighter during the summer, as a sign of good will coming to a fire house, bring watermelon for all the men to enjoy, he was fired because some of the firefighters thought bringing a watermelon to share was racist.

We then saw the Pepsi commercial, there were screams of racism, but there was none, the problem people had was the star in the commercial during a march dared to give a police officer a Pepsi, now we had gone from racism, being words to daring to hand an office of the law a soda. But this was only as we started to run down this rabbit hole, further in we then saw outrage because of a Halloween outfit with a wall, and now outrage of outrage, we have a boy on FOX with two other kids, one is dressed as a slushy, the other as a pineapple, and he is dressed up as a watermelon, so now the real outrage is starting, how dare they dress a cute kid up as a watermelon, what’s next, cotton?

The whole problem with this is the deeper you go down the rabbit hole, the more insane it becomes, now we have shirts that are evil, next will be music, shows along with books will be banned, who knows, maybe we will have a book burning event, get rid of any book we find objectionable.  As we go deeper you start to see society freeze up, people will not know what to say, if they dare to say something wrong they will be fired or ostracized, what is worse, we have left the practice of having a good debate to where many on the left now are advocating violence, and this takes us down a dark path that may not be able to be turn from, you hear it all the time, fascist are full of hate, some of them support Trump, conservatives support Trump, thus they must be  fascist and full of hate, so attacking and striking them, it is OK, they are  Fascist. When you have violence from once side, not too much happens, but sooner or later you will see response to the violence, the people you are attacking will fight back, this could quickly escalate into a full blown civil war. And do I see things going this far? I sure do, if Trump wins the next election, the actions, no, more the reaction we saw in the last election will quickly escalate into something much worse and more violent then the first election.

I pray and hope this never happens, I wore a uniform and served because I love this country. Is it full of flaws? Of course, it is, but just like my spouse loves me, even with all my imperfections, I love this country as well, in spite of its. Like in life, if we see imperfections, we don’t destroy and get rid of, you work to try to perfect, like your child you mold, over time you see the product you have been working on, it takes time, sometimes even gets ugly, but you love none the less, deal with the irritations, and there are a lot, as you wait for them to grow into the kids you hope they will be. What we have now is a impatient minority, trying to dictate to the rest of the nation that we have to be as they demand. Where the problem comes in is that they have the press on their side, the press that used to give us unbiased news, today they ignore the news to give us biased propaganda, we have Hollywood and the left elite joining in. Today we have all been so overwhelmed with this, no one is listening, the press today enjoys an approval rating of 20% , the only thing lower are the people picking up checks to do nothing on capitol hill, they are at 16% . Could it be that political correctness is much of the cause of this?

Where Do We Go From Here?

So where do we go from here? I am fearful of it, either the left will continue to lose elections, each cycle you will see them getting more and more desperate as their following shrinks to ideological  group of college kids and far left radicals, if this happens I worry about the violence that could follow, or the other route that I hope most for, they will reflect on why they have lost all these seats in both the Senate and the Congress, in the state houses and Governor seats as well, and instead of moving further left as they are now, go back to left of center as they used to be, that is where most of America is at, either center left or center right (this is the real reason why Trump won). There is hope, but the question needs to be asked, “Is the press and the leadership willing and able to see this, if not, expect more losses come election time, more desperation, with things going into a melt-down after the next presidential election, it could get much worse, possibly tip this nation into a second civil war.



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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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