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Political Hit? Pro-Trump Portland Print Shop Owner Shot To Death In Nightclub Parking Lot

Political Hit? Pro-Trump Portland Print Shop Owner Shot To Death In Nightclub Parking Lot

While Democrats are busy in Washington DC condemning Trump supporters over the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6, actual political violence is occurring around the country and it isn’t Trump supporters enacting the violence.

While the FBI is fervently hunting down and investigating every single Trump supporter at the Capitol on Jan. 6, Portland, Oregon, continues to be plagued by violent riots.

This kind of violence defined 2020 as cities around the country were rocked by violence and chaos resulting in casualties, countless police injuries and over $2 billion in damages.


Portland continues to be the hub of unchecked radical left violence and it appears another two lives have been senselessly lost.

40-year-old William Peters was shot and killed in the parking lot of the Acropolis bar along with his friend Adam David-Lawrence Arrambide. The double homicide took place on Peters’ 4-year-old daughter’s birthday and while police say they haven’t been able to discover the motive, it seems clear that Peters was shot and killed for being a well-known Trump supporter.

Peters was the founder of Portland print shop 503print and was an outspoken supporter of President Trump. He used his print shop to print pro-Trump banners and other imagery causing him to be the target of rabid radical left Antifa thugs.

Reports from friends of Peters who were present when the shooting occurred say that Peters and his friend Arrambide were leaving the bar uneventfully when a vehicle pulled up in front of the parking spot his truck was parked in.

There was an exchange of words and then Peters and Arrambide were shot and killed.

Peters was a well-known Trump supporter using both his business and personal social media accounts to convey that. A bold move considering how radically left Portland is.

It appears that Peters’ reputation was that of a Trump supporter which, naturally, means that he was a “Nazi” and a “white supremacist” in the eyes of liberals. One user on Reddit suggested that maybe Peters deserved to die since he was “someone who supports violent insurrection, death to liberals, being anti trans/black/gay/minority equal rights and all the other hateful crap.”

This particularly unhinged Reddit user seemed to think Peters’ Facebook page was proof of their allegations against him but if you look at his page you’ll see there’s nothing there to suggest any of that is true.

Triggered leftists are so ignorantly blinded by their hatred of President Trump (all because the mainstream media told them to hate him) that they can’t even see just how hateful and intolerant they truly are.


This user suggested Peters’ supported “death to liberals” while he was likely shot to death by radical leftists. How utterly tone deaf is that?

There is absolutely no justification for Peters’ death.

If confirmed to be politically motivated, the shooter deserves to be punished with the maximum sentence allowed by law. This is America. We all have the right to our own personal beliefs and opinions without fear of threat or violence.

Antifa is supposedly against fascism but have proven they are more than willing to murder anyone with whom they politically disagree with. These people are the real criminals and domestic terrorists that the FBI and Washington politicians should be focused on stopping.


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