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Poll Shows Americans Blame Pelosi For Lack Of Stimulus, But McConnell shares Blame Too

Poll Shows Americans Blame Pelosi For Lack Of Stimulus, But McConnell shares Blame Too

A new poll shows Americans blame Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for the lack of an additional coronavirus stimulus deal, but we feel the Senate Majority leader also shares blame in this.

In a poll conducted between Oct. 9-11 among 1,525 registered voters, 43% of voters said Pelosi is more to blame for the failure to agree on a stimulus bill, while 40 percent% put the blame on Trump, according to the poll by YouGov. 17% of those polled were unsure.

Among white Americans polled, 49% blamed Pelosi compared to 34% that blamed Trump. Meanwhile, 17% of black Americans polled blamed Pelosi, while 70% blamed Trump.

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Pelosi criticized CNN and CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday when she was pressed on another coronavirus stimulus package.

Blitzer asked Pelosi why she would not accept the $1.8 trillion deal with the White House and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin proposed. Pelosi said it still wasn’t enough money. However, when Blitzer read a tweet from a fellow Democratic California Rep. Ro Khanna, who urged Pelosi to take the deal, Pelosi called Blitzer an “apologist” for Republicans.

Khanna tweeted Oct. 11 that the $1.8 trillion “is significant & more than twice [the] Obama stimulus.”

Yet it is not only Pelosi that is refusing to budge on this, due to the national deficit, which is seeing trillions added to it this year, but some within the GOP also is not willing to raise this anymore.

We have to look not at the deficit, although we do need to address it in the future. Yet, it seems that both McConnell and Pelosi fail to realize, it is the government, not we the people, that shut down the ability to earn an income; some people have been laid off since April, yet to this day, due to a backing up of unemployment claims have yet to receive one paycheck.

It seems that both leaders, McConnell and Pelosi are more interested in pushing political ideology than helping Americans that are hurting, being evicted from their homes, going to food pantries for the first time in their life because these two are refusing to budge.

While I do blame Pelosi for her refusal to move, I equally blame McConnell for his refusal. Pushing a $500 billion aid bill, that is not what the president, a president that all Americans elected, he wanted 1.8 billion. I would say it is time you pick up the amount; Pelosi needs to figure out a lower number. We are not in favor of bailing out cities that allowed their streets to be destroyed by rioters, nor do we agree that illegals should be given any aid; they should not have been there to start with. But there are voting, tax-paying Americans that do have a need, do your damn jobs, and take care of this.

Maybe it is is time for you both to start listening to the American people and not the political powers within your party.

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