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Pope Calls On Tech Leaders, In the Name Of God, To Censor Free Speech

Pope Calls On Tech Leaders, In the Name Of God, To Censor Free Speech

As a rule, I try to keep from attacking or condemning religious leaders for what they have called for, but with the latest, the Pope calling for Big Tech to silence our right to free speech, it was not something I could remain silent about.

I have said for years; speech should never be silenced. Otherwise, you make the audience wonder what you are hiding; instead, give all the right to speech, then refute something if it is wrong, you remove all doubt over what side is supported with facts.


This is hardly new news; the Pope in 2015, instead of condemning the Charlie Hebdo attacks, came out and told people, as they were laying the victims of the radical Islamic terrorist who attacked these cartoonists, saying free speech had limits.

The Pope made the remarks during a World Meeting of Popular Movements, a shadowy organization created to promote “social justice” and fight racism with the help of religious leaders.

“In the name of God, I ask the technology giants to stop exploiting human weakness, people’s vulnerability, for the sake of profits without caring about the spread of hate speech, grooming, fake news, conspiracy theories, and political manipulation,” he stated.

Pope Francis also invoked the term “post-truth,” which was invented by establishment media organs after they began to lose their monopoly on controlling the narrative following the election of Donald Trump.

The Catholic leader believes it’s Christian and Godly to empower giant corporations to shut down free speech.

One has to ask, where does this free speech stop? And who decides what is free to speak and not?


We have seen this now with the radical left and big tech when you dare post something different from their Dogma concerning COVID, yet this has been a quickly changing narrative. We were told last year we did not need masks; if you wrote that this was wrong, you would have faced censorship and possible banning from Big Tech, but now if you question the need for masks, you face the same ban that you used to get if you told people to wear masks.

To have a religious leader siding with governments that are against everything the Church stands for is somewhat surprising. Still, at this point, I am not too surprised when dealing with this Pope who seems to love leftist and socialist ideology.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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