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Press Now Being Told By Democrats To Cut Off Trump And Conservatives

Press Now Being Told By Democrats To Cut Off Trump And Conservatives

In a move that is both audacious and alarming, now the Biden camp is demanding that Giuliani or any of the people supporting Trump be not allowed to show up on leftist news sites. They claim by giving them a platform to speak, the press is allowing the Trump camp to provide their own narrative, that to the left today is not acceptable.

One has to wonder, why the sudden all-out assault on Trump and everyone around him? We have seen this since the day he won the 2016 election, but now we are seeing more frantic moves by the Democrats and their sycophants. Yet the question has to be asked, “What is bringing on the intensity, is it that they somehow hate Trump more then they do now?”

There is one person that is more involved with this then Trump, due to this you are going to see moves by the left to at all cost shut him out, censor him, and by any means needed, to remove him or intimidate him into silence – that would be Attorney General Barr.

This is due to Barr not only reopening the Clinton investigation, which a whole lot of Democrats had their hands in, it also is investigating the Trump collusion delusion, the one the left pedaled on us for the first two years of his presidency.

We are also observing frantic lawmakers rising up, they know that they had their hands in this, Pelosi, Shift, and Nader, they are trying to attack Trump and Barr so as to claim when the findings come out they have no validity to them, it will be painted as political revenge. They are trying to remove the threat, this is the easiest way to shut this down.

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To push this the left has their mouthpieces in the press start to parrot what they are trying to promote, you turn on the news on any given day, you see the same exact lines parroted by each and every talking head on the leftist story, they have a narrative to put out, they have been directed from on high what to say, so they all repeat the same line over and over.

We see the press take a subject, say “fake news,” they parrot over and over, all saying the same exact thing. Why do they do this, it is the attempt by the press to shut out any competing voices to what they are trying to present.

Some of you may say this is common sense marketing, if they don’t present themselves as such, they will encourage others to go elsewhere, but when hundreds and thousands are saying the same exact thing, so much so, as you can see in the video below, they are not doing this, they are trying to get the same message out until people start to believe it.

The left wants this to be a programed society, a mobocrat, leading ignorant masses who are told what to do, what to believe. The press, who today is nothing but a mouthpiece for the left, even FOX is starting to turn towards this, they will tell you what to think, how you should believe and react, they will be the preachers of the new Progressive Dogma. Thankfully not all on FOX have succumbed to this yet.

We see here the claim that Trump is jeopardizing national security by not giving hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to Ukraine, but I must ask, why is this fine for Ukraine, but we hear from some of these same people the call to cut off all aid to Israel? If it is a matter of “national security” would this then not be applicable for both nations? Of course, it would be, but facts don’t matter, just the message you want to get to the mob.

The left wants any opposing views to shut up, in places like New York they are going as far as to fine you if you dare to not support their new morals. But this is not far enough, they now want to cut off all access, any dissenting view silenced. We have seen this with attacks against advertisers, now we see it with them bypassing silencing by breaking the bank, they just want to muzzle everyone that is conservative.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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