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Press Is Off With Another Merry Chase Over Trump

Press Is Off With Another Merry Chase Over Trump

We have seen time after time, the press comes on breathlessly, they claim this time they have the goods on Trump, impeachment is only days away, then the story fades, the claims go the way of the dodo bird and they are off with their next story that will for sure bring down Trump. 

We all saw the glee they showed with the Russian collusion story, then the meeting with the Russian attorney, both have turned out to be nothing. After this when Flynn was charged, they knew Flynn would bring President Trump down, that did not work either. 

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We saw George Papadopoulos charged with lying to the FBI, we saw excited liberal press gleefully telling us this time they knew Trump was finally done, then Don Jr. and his meeting with the Russian laywer, Cohan arrested, Mafort too, but has one of these charges shown any collusion? No, all they could do was find unrelated charges, charge with lying to the FBI, wonder how many will speak to the FBI now, I sure wouldn’t, for sure not without a attorney, if I forget something, which is quiet common with me, I could be charge for lying. 

It seems time after time, we hear the excited voice, if not Trump’s tax records, then something else is going to sink him, but do you ever hear one of these reporters talking about what a great job he has done on the economy, the press speaking of the dealings with North Korea, how his statesmanship brought them to the edge, then forced them to stand down, how he has stood up to Russia and Iran?

We all know the press won’t speak about this, this is not convenient for their narrative. What we have seen is the death of reporting, they no longer care about the news, only the spin they can present, along with the political narrative they can try to shove down our throats. 

If news is inconvenient to their narrative, it is treated as non-news item if it does not support their attack on Trump, you have to go to some private smaller news source to find these out, thus we are witnessing the death of the great American news sites.

It is sad, I remember as a child, we could turn on ABC, CBS or NBC and get the news in a way that allowed us to form our decisions, you never had a clue what the announcers personal political bias was, to be frank, you did not care, they did not present it. 

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We saw all this change with the late night news shows, Tom Brokaw or Jennings started to inject their personal views, we started to see more commentary then news presented, 60 minutes came on-line and the death of journalism as we knew it started. 

Do I think there is any return? No, the main companies are so far gone, so corrupt, they have to go,  ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, even FOX are just walking corpse, they are already finished, just don’t realize it yet. ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN have gone so far left they don’t even pretend to now show bias, FOX has started to swing left, bring in such broadcasters as Shepard Smith and others, marginalizing and pushing out conservative broadcasters instead of bringing in another to give counter to one type of political thought, slowly we are watching even FOX go through the same death spiral we have seen the others go through. 

The printed press is no better, Time, Newsweek, New York Times, USA Today are all so far left that they could care less about the truth, only what narrative they publish to push their narrative. 

One has to wonder, is this madness going to go until Trump is done? And if they continue will the American people finally tire of this? I think so, the press is so far out of hand it is time for them to take a graceful exit and bring in new blood, blood that will care about what their job is, not the narrative they are trying to push. 

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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