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The Press And The Left Using The Smollett Case To Present A Fake Narrative.

The Press And The Left Using The Smollett Case To Present A Fake Narrative.

We have all heard it now, that Jussie Smollett, the Empire star, who now has lost his job, in an attempt to draw attention to himself hired in thugs to assault him, then lied after paying to set the whole thing up for notoriety, claimed he was assaulted by Trump supporters. He has since been charged.

This is a story that should have ended here, but it hasn’t, the press in many cases is not willing to let the Smollett case to die out, rather use this to make fictitious claims that racial attacks are on the rise.

You have the so called superior moral crew, such as Corey Booker, the one who yelled this when he heard of the attack:

Cory Booker's double standards.

After the lie was exposed, where was his apology? Turns out there was none, not he is claiming he will not jump to a conclusion? Amazing, wonder where this restraint was during the Kavanaugh hearings?

I think I will let this poster on twitter say what we all should be saying:

But there is more, the press instead of doing this:

They have come out and now started to question if the claims of these being faked were due to the CPD were Trump supporters. But further, the claim by CNN here is that there are many violent attacks by Trump supporters at his rallies. So I ask, “Why is it that I hear of the 2 or 3 cases of this, if you do research that is about all there is, but I never hear of the thousands of attacks from liberals on people going to attend one of these rallies?” Sure seems like someone is trying to project what they are doing on someone else.

This lady goes on to say that Trump called off a MAGA rally in Chicago, but she falsely claims this has to do with Trump, actually it had to do with threats of riots from the leftist opposing the rally, now all this is conveniently forgotten.

Sadly, this is not the only case of the press running off with this, the Liberal leadership chiming in. We all remember the Nick Sandman case, this kid had death threats against him. He was set up by the press, they had the whole video, edited it to make it look like what it wasn’t.

And before you howl in indignation, I write for a news site, the reason I do not comment on these is I wait for all the facts, the press is obligated to this across the spectrum, but now they see what they want to see, trash the rest, and cut and paste to make a story they want, not what the actual story is.

Nick Sandman confronted by Native American Elder

When you are given a story, you do your research, when I saw this case come in, I did not find any collaborating evidence, felt it would have been irresponsible to make a judgement and then have to retract what I stated, so I said nothing, waiting for the evidence to come in. As this evidence started arriving, I saw a story that was suspect, but my place is not to judge, rather report, and in most of the articles I work with, to give a informed opinion.

This is no longer done, we have the case where the fake story came out of Trump telling his attorney to lie, turns out that was so bad of a lie, even Mueller had to come out and call it what it was, but not before the press had gleefully run with it. And the excuse, you said, “If it is true!” That holds no water; I could then in such a case make up any story, then just say, ‘If it is true’ to cover up my lying.

I have said it before, have to say so again, we see with the Smollett case, the press no longer cares about the truth, the press as we knew it years ago is dead, what we have now is a propaganda service masquerading as the news. You strip away the fancy presentation, take away the makeup, all we have are corpses now acting like they are giving a live news report, it is anything but that.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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