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Press Would Rather Withhold The News Than Give Credit For Trump’s Handling Of Crises

Press Would Rather Withhold The News Than Give Credit For Trump’s Handling Of Crises

“Journalism is dead, long live fake news!”

This is the cry that echoes off of the halls of what today passes as news. No longer are we able to in a crises count on getting unbiased news, news that would be put forward to make sure we are the best informed in how to combat this modern “Pearl Harbor” type of event crushing this nation, instead, being full of their derangement over everything Trump, the press would instead hold the truth then allow him to have any credit. What is worse, this is starting to cost us lives, that means nothing to them, we are, after all, just Americans, the ones they see as stupid, the very people who voted to put Trump in power.

It is not that Trump does not egg on the press, in some ways, this is more entertaining them listening to what the actual briefing is about. Yesterday, to drive the press crazy Trump said:

“Advertising in the Failing New York Times is WAY down. Washington Post is not much better,” he tweeted. “I can’t say whether this is because they are Fake News sources of information, to a level that few can understand, or the Virus is just plain beating them up. Fake News is bad for America!”

But there is more; Trump is rightfully distrustful of the news, the progressive news sites go from lie to lie, then refuse to recant or pull back a story when they are found to be incorrect. We all remember how they accused Trump of Xenophobia for putting in place a travel ban from China, now that it is seen this was a good move, they have never come out and said they were wrong.

This reminds me of their coverage of the impeachment debacle, never once did they admit that they got something wrong, they moved from one point to another. First, Trump colluded with the Russians; he was a Russian plant. When that did not work out, then he tried to withhold information, then was guilty of obstruction, every time they made this claim, when it was quickly seen to be moving south, they moved on to the next hoax. It seems the press moves from lie to lie, that is the very definition of fake news.

They played their part with the politicians, we remember Schiff with his shifty eyes looking like he had a profound secret, he said he had evidence of Trump collusion, yet to date, he has not shown anyone a shred of evidence, yet the press has left this be. We all know if the roles were reversed if this had happened eight years before, and the president was Obama, would they have left this be? They would have none stop demanded to be presented the evidence or the one making the accusations should resign for being such a racist.

More, when the leftist press is exposed by a new press site that refuses to honor their idea that news should be strongly biased and opinionated, they move to destroy them. In the White House press briefing, we saw the press people push to remove one of the reporters from OAN because they claim they were not practicing safe spacing, yet if you look at the video, neither were others. The reason they kicked this reporter out was they refused to go along with the biased narrative the press is trying to repeat.

Reporters in the White House Press from leftist news sites are no longer interested in getting facts; they place themselves in the position to set the narrative, then answer it without giving the briefer time to respond. If they do respond, they later try to scold and get the briefer to go along with their narrative, no one is worse at this then Jim Acosta.

What is amazing, the other leftist sites are supporting Acosta for trying to make himself part of the story, rather than reporting on the story.

Some sites are not leftist spokespersons do give Trump credit, like the New York Post, despite other news sites scolding and screaming how wrong Trump was to put in place the Chinese Travel Ban, this site came out and said he made the right move.

You hear nonstop how Trump changed his mind over the seriousness of the virus outbreak, but they fail to say their Democrat leaders did the same thing. The problem was the information coming from China and the WHO was false, so how could one make an informed decision when the data coming in is false? While this is used to give excuses for the Democrats, it is used to relentlessly against Trump; one has to ask the press, “Why the double standards?”

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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