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Press Switching Narrative, Pushes For Continued Lock-Down Blames Trump For Deaths

Press Switching Narrative, Pushes For Continued Lock-Down Blames Trump For Deaths

After telling the states that social distancing was needed, then cutting off travel to or from China, the press is now forgetting the steps the Democrat leaders took, all while ignoring the threat from the Chinese Virus. The move now is to ignore the facts of the past, instead to blame Trump for all that is happening, while ignoring anything that he has done right.

A great example of this is his warning to states to shut down gatherings after he put in effect the Chinese travel ban back 0n January 31, this was a day after the W.H.O. had declared an international health emergency on January 30.

The leftist narrative today that is echoed by the press is that Trump did not act as quickly as other nations had, that was put out by Biden, was published by Politifact, it looks like rather than verifying Biden’s claims, they went ahead and took his at face value, rather unusual to find a fact-finding site not researching the claims.

“While the United States was not one of the first countries to impose restrictions against travel from China, nor was it late to do so relative to the actions of others,” said Samantha Kiernan, a research associate at the Council on Foreign Relations. “Rather, the United States acted around the same time that many other countries did.”

The Marshall Islands is among nations that had travel restrictions on China even before the World Health Organization’s January 30 declaration. After the declaration, many countries, including the United States, announced their travel restrictions.

What we started to see was the press fact-checking sites set up for the future Democrat narrative of trying to blame the deaths on Trump, this was the first shot of this attack.

On March 17, when New York and other states were starting to put restrictions down, The Intercept and the press came out and said if we did not check this virus, we could end up with more than two million dead. At this point, the states under Democrat control started to turn the rudder on their ships. They were now slowly moving from telling their people to ignore Trump and his xenophobia to blaming Trump for not giving enough urgency in his calls.

By this time, a full panic was set in; the left started to send governors shortly after this to begin to change the narrative, the press was very much involved in this. Governors Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo and other leftist leaders, who were on Public Television trying to shift the blame from their lack of preparations, which the states are responsible for their emergency supplies, trying to put their lack of investment and preparation on the Federal government and Trump. What is worse, while Cuomo was doing this, he was busted outright lying about Trump not sending ventilators and had to admit that he had over 1,000 ventilators stuck in Warehouses.

With Trump giving guidelines through his team of experts to the states, the nation started to shut down, while much of this is questionable. Hence, as to the amount of effect this had in cutting off the spread, we quickly saw the number of 2.2 million be reduced, again and again, today the figure is closer to 80,000, yet this isn’t enough to give Trump credit for what the administration did to stop this spread, the press had already gotten the memo from Democrat leaders, blame Trump no matter what.

We are now starting to see Democrats on Twitter trying to saturate any positive post for Trump with replies like this:

Seeing this as an opportunity to attack Trump further, the Democrats turned to the press, ABC News took the lead, quickly attacking Jared Kushner for daring to say the administration’s response to the plague was a success story.

“We’re on the other side of the medical aspect of this, and I think that we’ve achieved all the different milestones that are needed,” Kushner told “Fox and Friends” Wednesday morning. “The federal government rose to the challenge, and this is a great success story. And I think that that’s really, you know, what needs to be told.”

For a counter, ABC brought on Susan Rice, the liar in chief for the Obama administration.

Former national security adviser Susan Rice criticized Kushner’s comments on CNN Wednesday evening, saying his claim “would be laughable if it weren’t so deadly serious.”

“It’s ridiculous,” said Rice, who worked in the Obama administration. “I don’t know how anybody with a straight face can call this a ‘great success’ and declare this a mission accomplished moment when more than 60,000 Americans are dead.”

Rice noted that a second wave of infections is expected, citing Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s top expert on infectious diseases who said last week that he is “convinced” there will be coronavirus infections in the fall.

“Dr. Fauci, whose judgment I trust implicitly, has just said that he believes a second wave in the fall is inevitable. And that’s the pattern of pandemics of the past,” Rice added.

“So we are far from being able to declare victory,” Rice went on. “And in any event, there’s no victory when the losses on the battlefield in less than two months exceed all of those through the entirety of the Vietnam War, 26-plus million Americans are out of work, the GDP is declining at a rate of almost 5%.”

This has been a pattern that Obama did during his administration, seems he is still doing it now when he wants to attack, yet try to keep his hands clean while doing it he has Rice come out and do the attacking for him. We saw this after Benghazi, how she went out to the different news sites, lied her head off about this being an attack for a video, something we soon found out was an outright lie, but did not matter, Obama claimed it was her mistake.

In the months to come, leading up to the election, the left will do everything in their power to keep this nation shut down, ruining the economy is not an issue for them so long as they can get the blight of Trump out of their lives.

To achieve this they are going to over the next couple of months continue to twist the narrative, blame every death on Trump, all while ignoring that it was their leaders from AOC, to Ilhan, to Cuomo, De Blasio, and others that told their people to ignore this administration, caused the spread to intensify in states and cities they control by encouraging their people to go to parades, movies and to continue going to mass gatherings.

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