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Privacy Basics

Privacy Basics

Identification is limited to what you post on line. If you wish to have nothing but your name posted, this will be easily taken care of, which in today’s political climate can be a concern for others.

You have control over what you write and share, no one else will ever be able to censor your work, the only way 0Censor will ever become involved is if illegal activity is called for, supported, or spoken about, then we will hand the material to the authorities. It needs to be noted that what your opinion is can never be criminal, even if many call for it to be such, it is yours, as such you hold it yourself, it is not our responsibility to change it for you or to correct your way of thinking.


At the moment, we are confining ourselves to topics of Featured Articles (this will be up to 0Censor what we wish to publish there, it will be determined by customer draw, not opinion.

NEWS, this is both domestic and international, you are free to post and comment on news you think is important, if you give references, please give links to show where it came from, or at least show the author to save copyright issues. If you don’t do this, it is your responsibility, not 0censor.

CELEBS is a site to comment on celebrity news, to give positive or negative reviews of what they have done or said.

SPORTS, this will be dealing with sports in general, if you are going to use team material, it is your responsibility to obtain permission first, if you have such we will ask for a copy of it for records. Some sport leagues are very sensitive about using logos without permission, the NFL is notorious for this.

BOOKS, this is a site for people that love to read and comment on what they have read, write what you honestly feel about the material.

MOVIES, this is for people that go to movies, want to try their hand at being movie critics, as with all else, you write your opinion, it is yours, can’t be wrong.


We are a company that is building our online presence, as we grow we will expand into other areas, we hope you enjoy this process with us.