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Pro-Choice Activists Try To Disrupt Church In L.A., Members Say No, March Them Out The Door.

Pro-Choice Activists Try To Disrupt Church In L.A., Members Say No, March Them Out The Door.

It is wonderful to see church members, rather than sit submissive and allow protestors to disrupt their services, set up a human wall, then march them right out the door. This happened in L.A. when radical pro-choice activists decided to disrupt the service.



I am not catholic, but I applaud the ability of the members to keep calm and march these people right out of the door, letting them know that this type of thing will not happen on their watch.

As the video begins, you see the parishioners using their kneelers, which means these pro-abortion activists sat through nearly the entire Mass, the reading of the Word and the homily, and waited until the most sacred part of the Mass, Holy Communion, to get up and spring into action. They knew what they were doing.

One parishioner immediately jumped up to engage the activists and was immediately shoved by some big guy in a gray sweatshirt, who appeared to be there to protect them.

Then you see other parishioners and security engage them and push them out of the nave and, ultimately, the church. The short woman on security took the lead and began pushing them back.

One activist with the big gray-sweatshirt-dude tried to go around the other side, but they were quickly met by more parishioners and security and pushed out.

The most interesting thing is hearing the women yelling that they have a right to free speech, and they do, just not on privately owned property, which a church is. If they want to protest outside the church, on the road, or a sidewalk, you don’t have the right to go inside a church, office building, or a private home that is not publicly owned.

I find it amazing how these very people who scream about their rights being protected have no problem trampling all over the rights of others; it is time some people have finally stood up to this. What is more amazing, and something that would not have been thought about twenty years ago, are the attacks and outright hatred against Churches and Christianity. What is even worse, rather than say, we are separate; you come to be unique. Instead, churches are rushing towards the “woke” left to meet their demands, all while failing to realize by doing so. They are killing what made them unique.


Churches used to be the voice of morality. Now, leaders in the church are bragging about the abortions they have had, ignoring parts of scriptures they don’t like or agree with, and taking off the name “Christian,” at least it offends others. Then they sit around and wonder why their numbers are dropping; their buildings turn into empty, broken buildings. We used to go to churches to make sense of the world around us; now, why bother? They brought the madness within.

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