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Probation For Rape Shows Our Justice System Is Failing Us

Probation  For Rape Shows Our Justice System Is Failing Us

It used to be if you went around and raped a young lady, more so if she was thirteen and you in your twenties, you would go to prison for a lengthy stay, today’s courts are so intent on coddling offenders they would rather give them probation, blame society or something else, our justice system is failing us.

A family in Colorado is outraged after two men, who were accused of gang-raping a 13-year-old girl with their brothers and cousins, were only sentenced to probation.

From left to right, top row to lower: Tyron Williams, Clarence Williams and Jacolby Williams. On the lower James Williams and Tommy Williams.

Tommy Williams, 20, and Clarence Williams, 19, were each sentenced on Tuesday to a minimum of 10 years of sex offender intensive supervised probation, with a maximum of life on probation, KKTV reported.

The men are two of six suspects accused of sexually assaulting the young teen in December 2016 inside of the Stonebrook Terrace apartment complex in Colorado Springs. This follows a prior sentence with Tyron Williams, 19, was sentenced Tuesday to 10 years to life of sex offender intense supervised probation as part of a plea agreement after pleading guilty to sex assault on a child. Our justice system is failing us and for sure this young lady.

What is more shocking is the girl was just 13, was  invited by one of the men she knew to play video games, something many young people do nowadays, the men first invited their friends and cousins over, then when the girls friends left while she was in the bathroom, the men broke into the bathroom, two men pulled her out and tossed her on the bed where the other four were waiting.

According to the grandmother of the victim, she said, “There was six of them, and they gang-raped my granddaughter.

The group of suspects — some of whom are reportedly related as cousins or brothers and identified as Jacolby Williams, Tyron Williams, James Williams, and a juvenile, in addition to Tommy and Clarence — were with the girl on Dec. 19, according to the Gazette.

The victim’s grandmother said at the sentencing in February that her granddaughter was passed around the group of men “like a hand on a clock” during the attack. She added in court Tuesday that the 13-year-old may never be able to have children.

One has to wonder, is this what the left sees as justice, is enticing a child, a 13-year-old at that over for video games with the apparent intent to rape such a lesser crime that this is all a sentence should be in their eyes? As a father of a child the same age, I must say, if this happened to my child, I would end up in prison, because if the justice system is failing us, I would see justice served.

And this is not the only case, we saw the same type of thing happen in New York, not by the courts, instead the school administrators, a 15 year intellectually girl complained to the administration of being gang raped, instead of taking immediate control fo the case, they dismissed this girl for daring to bring this up. Another example where the ur justice system is failing us and failed this girl.

In this case, the student was on the way to meet with her teacher, she was surrounded by boys in the hallway and forced into a stairwell where two boys forced her to perform oral sex. Have to say, will remember this, will teach my kid and any other nephew or niece, if such a thing happens, learn from Crime Dog McGruff and take a bite out crime, show an end of that appendage these boys have never seen before.  This is another case of when our justice system is failing us; people will sooner or later wish to take justice into their own hands.

Justice is now turning to cater the criminal, many times blaming their upbringing, white privilege or some other idiotic reason, they have changed from holding people accounting to this. The left howls about injustice have nothing to do with what they are screaming about; when you have black males who make up just a little over 6% of the population committing over 49% of all murders, 51.6% of all robberies, 33% of all aggravated assaults, 32.3% of all rapes as I reported in the article Is America Racist.

When we see crimes excused due to race, there is no excuse for this, if the perps were all white, they should have been sentenced to years in prison for such a heinous crime, the fact that these were black does not excuse their crime, nor should have any bearing on how they were sentenced. Race has no place in sentencing, the crime, not the demographics is what should be seen, justice is supposed to be blind, we see it isn’t, once more our justice system is failing us; if justice is not applied equally then justice is indeed dead.

One also has to ask, where is the #MeToo outrage? Seems they are amazingly silent on this while screaming about everyone else?

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