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Professor Brittney Cooper Asks ‘Which Version of Whiteness’ America Wants,’ Then demands Whites Submit or be “Taken Out!”

Professor Brittney Cooper Asks ‘Which Version of Whiteness’ America Wants,’ Then demands Whites Submit or be “Taken Out!”

An academic says we’re at a fork, as the nation’s goose seems cooked.

In October, I covered a Rutgers University professor’s thoughts on Critical Race Theory opposition.


As reported by The Root, “[A]ngry white parents [had] lashed out at school board meetings over the so-called taboo teaching.”

Given that, Brittney Cooper posed a powerful query:

“[Can we] legislate [racism] away and…march it away…or, do we think white people just always gonna be like this, and our job is to hold back their ability to do the most harm?”

To hear her tell it, CRT is “the proper teaching of American history.”

The lady whipped white supremacy:

“[W]hat [white people] did was they just created a theory about how they thought the world worked. And then they literally browbeat, enslaved, chained, shot, killed, drowned, raped…and essentially subjugated a whole planet to make their theory true. … They ain’t mad because Critical Race Theory is untrue. They mad because it’s true.”

Per the professor, “[W]hite people are committed to being villains in the aggregate.”

Hence, a sensible solution:

“The thing I want to say to you is, ‘We gotta take these m—–f—–s out.’ But, like, we can’t say that, right? I don’t believe in a project of violence…our souls suffer from that.”

Well, a lot has happened since then: Kyle Rittenhouse has been acquitted.

Appearing on MSNBC Friday, Brittney had much more to say.

As part of our “national reckoning,” she asserted, the verdict was about “which version of whiteness” the United States prefers:

“This is also white America’s reckoning with which version of whiteness is it going to choose. Is it going to choose to be in the legacy of the Confederacy, that is about oppressing people, or is it going to choose the whiteness that is in the legacy of the Union, which is about saying that there are principles greater than the idea that we get to subjugate people?”

And before you get confused over the pigment of parties involved, consider this:

“When folks say, ‘This can’t be about racism because the victims are white,’ no, there have always been white victims of white supremacy.”

As for which whiteness we want, the instructor’s question isn’t wholly untoward.

Several decades ago, Looney Tunes told of a talking dog:

These days, it’s a metaphor for politics in a sense.

Among a certain sector, the narrative has the last word; all conclusions seem foregone.

Take, for example, climate change.

For years, we were told every sign of Earth having heated was global warming.

But then, at some point, the planet cooled.

Enter expert analysis: That, too, was caused by global warming.

The world getting colder, we were informed, was merely evidence of it getting hotter.

In order words, “Ruff.”

Such seems the case with our white-hot horror.

Amid headlines, one might be hard-pressed to find anything that isn’t “whiteness”:

Major University Professor Fights Math’s ‘Harbor for Whiteness’

Major University Whacks the White Supremacy of the Library of Congress

School District Hosts Year-Long Anti-Whiteness Training to Fight ‘Curricular Violence’ in Math

Professor Razes the Evil of Writing Rules, Whacks White Supremacy by Gonging Grades

Colorado University Hosts Teacher Training to Fight the ‘White Supremacy’ of ‘Productivity’

Arizona State University Dean Pens 350+ Page Book on How Grading Writing Is White Supremacy

Coca-Cola recently encouraged its employees to “be less white”:

  • Be less oppressive
  • Be less arrogant
  • Be less certain
  • Be less defensive
  • Be less ignorant
  • Be more humble
  • Listen
  • Believe
  • Break with apathy
  • Break with white solidarity

And the Smithsonian pummeled pernicious products of the pale:

  • Rugged Individualism
  • The nuclear family
  • Objective thinking
  • Believing hard work is the key to success
  • Christianity is the norm
  • Respecting authority
  • Planning for future
  • Delayed gratification
  • Action Orientation
  • Decision-Making
  • Being polite

According to the above, whiteness is both arrogance and respect, a lack of humility and politeness.

Is “whiteness” just code for “existence”?

If all things are whiteness, whiteness is all things.

For what kind of “whiteness,” then, do we wish?

Here’s the version I choose: a just world in which all are equal, virtue has value, Martin Luther King’s dream has been realized, and “whiteness” means nothing.

I prefer unity to division, love rather than hate, universal brother- and sisterhood instead of identity groups.

I vote for the non-whiteness version of whiteness. I hope for a time when we put that divisive idea to rest.

Meanwhile, as Brittney explained to MSNBC, those shot by Kyle Rittenhouse were “allies against this white supremacist assault on black life.”

A militant America’s message, as she divined:

“[W]e will kill anybody that gets in our way.”

“[T]oday, what we were told was that white self-defense trumps everybody else’s sense of safety and protection in the street,” she said of the jury’s decision. “Even when white folks are the folks carrying the gun, and they are under no threat of all — as Kyle Rittenhouse admitted himself.” As for white folks having guns, that was certainly the case in Kenosha:

Brittney’s takeaway:

“The law says that white relief is the thing that we should take away from this…and the rest of us get to think about whether it’s safe for us to go out and exercise our right to peacefully protest.”

As it turns out, the verdict was white supremacy — a white guy was let off the hook.

Had he been found guilty, of course, white victims would’ve been vindicated.

Which whiteness is worse?


In the end, it seems, we must pick whatever best version of “whiteness” the left side of the aisle is offering — ideally, one that has nothing at all to do with whiteness.

So choose wisely — that goes for everyone, even well-known white supremacists:

Cross-posted from Red State

Notes from the Editor

We have here a victim, or more accurately, one that plays the victim, even though she is not.

We are faced with two choices; we can see from the two African American females what the choice is. One demands that whites step aside or we will be dealt with; the other says, “I am not a victim, will not work at becoming one, I will work with others, regardless of race, and see what we together can accomplish.”

I think many miss out on what the radical left wants. Some leftists, like this woman, are more honest than others; they wish not to go hand in hand with whites, they want to strip them of power, identity (other than being an oppressor), then demand we accept there are two choices – submit or be put down.

As time goes on, these calls are growing in strength, as we have seen over the last couple of years, there were whispers of things like what is taught in CRT, today it is mainstream. How long until the more radical calls of ridding our nation of whites take a mainstream call?

We hear the lie that this is all for equality, that is an outright fabrication, there is already equality, what the Left wants is to collectively punish a group of people, that can not nor should ever be stood for.

We are committed to truth and accuracy in all of our journalism. Read our editorial standards.

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