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Professor Randa Jarrar, Who Is She, And Why Should We Care?

Professor Randa Jarrar, Who Is She, And Why Should We Care?

Looks can be so deceiving, what we see from the cover photo looks like a well mannered young woman, but what we have is an out of control liberal loon.Professor Randa Jarrar, the one who gained infamy for attacking Barbary Bush after she died, went on attacks against all Trump supporters, has fled the country, but who is she and what did she say that was so controversial?

So who is she? She is a bad mouth, so-called Palestinian, that has openly stated that she wished the leftist liberals would do what the PLO terrorist have done such as hijack planes if you listen to her speeches seems she is too unintelligent to know how to speak without cussing her head off.

This is the same one that praised the attack on the Twin Towers, who has shown nothing but hate for this nation, so what does the left have her do? Teach our kids. In her own words:

“You look at resistance fighters in the 60s and 70s, they didn’t kill anyone, but they scared the #$%^ out of people. They would hijack a plane and be like ‘we aren’t going to hurt anyone on this plane, but we are going to fucking hijack this plane,” Jarrar continued.

“The guy who walked between the twin towers is amazing. The only reason he’s important is that the [twin towers] aren’t there anymore,” Jarrar added.

This is the same person that now the ultra left is defending. “I support Randa Jarrar’s free speech, and I also denounce any violence against her or threats of violence against anyone else,” Lee Herrick, founder of LitHop, told the audience of around 100 people, The Fresno Bee reported. I must ask, does this person then also call her out for calling for terrorist acts and violence against Jews both in America and in Israel? Or is it okay if they do that, but goodness knows there should be no consequence for this woman opening her mouth and showing what a moron she is?

I have to say, we all know if Michelle had passed, and someone from the conservative side had said something like this:

2 Jarrar tweet blurred


















We all know if something like this was said against Obama or his wife, even the Clinton’s, the left would explode in outrage. They would demand the person’s job, would set up boycotts of whoever was sponsoring them, would boycott all material they had published, but we are silent, it is time for us to get a voice.

I must ask, here is a woman who supports terrorist, attacks president’s wives after they died, when they can’t defend themselves, what is this coward doing here in the first place? We need to demand they deport her; she grew up in the Middle East, send her back, then sees how they deal with her attitude there. We also need to boycott all dealings with Fresno State; I wonder why our tax money is going there when they protect vicious terrorist supporting leftist loons like this, we should demand it stop now.




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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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