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Project Veritas Releases Chilling Undercover Exposé of Voter Fraud in Texas

Project Veritas Releases Chilling Undercover Exposé of Voter Fraud in Texas

We’re one week away from the election. Predictions are flying about, fact-checks that are less about facts and more about checking what you believe, bounce around this here internet about like ping pong balls. Meanwhile, voter fraud seems to be quite real. Project Veritas headed to what conservatives declare as a conservative bastion, Texas, and captured some disturbing undercover footage of what appears to be clear voter fraud. Note all the “alleged” type language around this video, Facebook fact-checkers.

From Project Veritas:

Rodriguez said she develops personal relationships with senior citizens when she harvests their ballots and then uses different post offices, so that the bundles do not draw suspicion.
“So, if ya’ll are my seniors, I’m literally picking you up. I’m going to your house, you’re doing your ballot,” she said. “I go throughout the entire city. If I have a bunch of them, what I do if I have a bunch of them, I’ll take 20 [ballots] here, 30 [ballots] here, 40 [ballots] here.”
At one point during the investigation, one Project Veritas journalist paid $500 to accompany Rodriguez on her rounds to collect ballots.
In an exchange recorded with a hidden camera by a Project Veritas journalist, Rodriguez literally examined a woman’s ballot and convinced her to change her vote from Cornyn to Hegar.

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But it’s okay, since Hegar is a Democrat. Had Rodriguez switched from a Democrat to a Republican, then you’d hear all about it on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC News, and the Biden campaign itself, saying how wrong it is for anyone to sway a voter, especially an old voter.

Since what got switched wasn’t a Democrat though, expect the Project Veritas report to get buried in calls for Trump to, once again, denounce white supremacy.

According to Project Veritas’s legal beagle:

Ede said, “Rodriguez may qualify for a sentence enhancement under Texas Election Code §276.012, which increases the penalty for ballot harvesting if three or more people are involved. Rodriguez boasts of having over a dozen ballot harvesters on her payroll – thus pushing these misdemeanors into state felonies, punishable by up to two years.”
Another section of the Texas Election Code, §64.036(a)(3), bars suggesting to a voter by “word sign or gesture” how the voter should vote while assisting the voter, punishable by up to one-year imprisonment, he said.

Multiple this ballot harvester times a hundred.

According to Ted Cruz, who appeared on Louder with Crowder just ahead of his re-election, “Texas is purple.” It is not a red bastion of ‘Murica. Sorry. Dallas, Austin and Houston are blue cities. Texas has gotten bluer and bluer over the past several years and no, you cannot just blame Californians moving into Texas. Blame games don’t win elections, and they certainly don’t change minds.

What Project Veritas uncovered, though, is likely something not just limited to Texas. Will the Republican Party investigate? Will the party put pressure on state and local authorities to look into these matters? Will citizens such as you and me spread this story far and wide in addition to putting pressure on our own state and local authorities to ensure the election is actually a free and fair one?

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Big Tech’s recent actions suggest it’s trying to steal an election. Here we have footage of someone who’s actions suggest she’s trying to steal elections. What good is this footage if zero is done about it?

Do what you can. Spread this video. Share it with your local and state authorities. Project Veritas rang the bell, it’s now our job to take action.

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