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Protests That Changed The World Under MLK And Now

Protests That Changed The World Under MLK And Now

It used to be, if you were going to protest, you might have a sit-in, ride on the back of the bus when you were told not to, but this was the worst you saw from the protestors. Today the left protests for what they demand, they demand that they are given the right to riot, burn businesses to the ground, loot the stores around them, then cry out there is no social justice when the very stores they looted move out of their neighborhoods.

So what happened?

We are told today how violent the protestors were that staged protests against Democratic overreach in states where liberal Governors were locking down the state, then started putting in place tyrannical laws that had no common sense what so ever.

The press and the liberal left have condemned this as a violent protest. Yet not one store was broken into; nothing was set on fire, the fact that the people were armed, but did not threaten anyone, this was unforgivable, the guns were enough to make them scream this was racist and violent.

We then saw the reaction to the killing of George Floyd, a case I have not seen one person say the police were justified in doing, instead, some like myself, have said that if there were no resistance to start with, there would have been no need to subdue, none fo this would have happened.

But the reaction, which the press is not calling violent, the Liberal governors and Mayors aren’t calling out for the looting and violence. This is seen as far less of a problem then the peaceful protestors against Progressive tyranny.

This is seen as none violent. I have yet to hear of the police stripping away anyone’s license, mayors calling these people thugs; instead, they protect them as being violated.

I will be the first to admit that they were wrong in the treatment of George Floyd, the treatment led to his death, but what we see above shows no reason to go out and tear up your neighborhood.

This is what the left has come to; they used to protest inequality like this:

This how changes were brought about, what is done today, only forces businesses to move out of neighborhoods, the very areas they were in place to serve. After they leave, we are then told that the place has no businesses there. There is a good reason for this; they keep looting and burning them down.

What is worse, there are racists, a dying lot, that has no love for the African American community, and does anyone think these idiots are going to say this has convinced them that racism is wrong? If anything, it will drive others into their arms. The people protesting racism, instead of marching peacefully, demanding change, as MLK had done so successfully in the past, this is doing the opposite, it is driving recruits in the racist arms.

The most frightening part.

We have heard with Obama and carrying on today if you disagreed with the leftist views you were screamed at how racist you were, this has been abused until today if someone screams racist, no one cares.

How sad, people marched with MLK to bring equality. The left threw the sacrifice of these great and noble people, people that gave up their liberty, some gave up limbs, other their very life, and threw it away for something as fleeting as political points.

People have heard of the boy and the wolf; we are quickly running to this point. We have had #MeToo destroy their platform with hypocrisy and blatant liberal bias.

Islamophobia is screamed at people if they dare to disagree with the tenants of Islam, people have started to tune off to this as well, now we see racism lose the power it used to have, it used to be if you called someone a racist they would go to the ends of the world to clear their name of such a blight, today all they hear is “Your not a liberal,” no one cares.

So what happens when real racism raises its ugly head, and no one listens? Wait, it already is; we have all heard the racist calls of “White Privilege!”

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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