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Punk Threatens Cops again and Again, then Screams In Terror When They Respond.

Punk Threatens Cops again and Again, then Screams In Terror When They Respond.

Cops, like all of us, can only take so much verbal abuse before they react, a thug in New York City found this out the hard way.

In a video posted by NYC Scanner, a man can be seen walking up and down a line of officers, taunting them and threatening to beat some of them up.

“Get your goofy a– out of here,” the protester said to the officers, walking in front of them with his camera rolling.

He then focused on one of the shorter officers.

“I’ll beat the s— out of you, little n—-,” the man yelled.

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“N—-, you can’t beat me.”

The agitator then shifted his attention to another officer.

“I’m going to f— with you, poppy,” he jeered. “You can’t beat me. You’re too small.”

WARNING: The following videos contain graphic language that some viewers will find offensive.

The protester then walked up to the cops, claiming he could easily take the lawman in a one-on-one fight.

“Let’s do it,” the policeman responded after at first ignoring the man.

The cop then pulled out his nightstick.

“He’s got his little stick,” the protester responded mockingly.

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Some nearby officers stepped forward, apparently looking to diffuse the situation.

“You got you a team with you and that’s cool, and I’m cool with that,” the agitator said.

“But with me and you together by ourselves, not with them. … But with just me and you? I will f— you up badly. You hear me?” he said.

“Your DNA would be under my sneaker, motherf—–.”

The protester then turned his attention to address the line of cops, proclaiming, “A lot of you motherf—–s can’t f— with us.”

I was then that the cops had enough, turned and rushed the man, taunts quickly turned into cries of victimization.

“Don’t touch me,” the protester said as his video shot went shaky, then sideways, while the police appeared to take him into custody.

We have seen other scenes like this since these riots started; the unhinged left seems to think there are no limits of what they can do in threatening cops.

I don’t know about you, but when I was younger, if you tried 1% of what these fools are doing, you would be slammed to the ground and cuffs would have been thrown on you, would have been sitting in front of a judge the next day for threatening a cop.

We had a case in Washington DC where a protester tried this.

“Look me in my eyes,” a protester yelled at a police officer standing as part of a line in front of him.

“You a man, right?” he asked.

“If you touch me, you’re going to lose your job,” he went on. “Touch me. Touch me.”

According to Townhall correspondent Julio Rosas, who was covering the protest, “something happened” between the protesters and police.

He suggested perhaps someone threw a bottle at the officers, and they responded with pepper spray.

Police officers nationwide truly have the patience of Job in putting up with disrespectful, threatening and at times violent conduct by members of the mob.

But as some malcontents have learned, there is and should be a limit to what the police have to endure.

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