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The Questionable Accusations Keep Piling On Kavanaugh

The Questionable Accusations Keep Piling On Kavanaugh

We have seen the move by the left over the last couple of weeks to not only derail any appointment Trump makes to the Supreme Court but their willingness to use questionable claims at best, outright shams at worst, to try to destroy the life of not only Kavanaugh but his whole family as well.

We have already seen the first two accusations, the first one was a woman that claimed she had a repressed memory, she could not remember the year, the day, the address, but somehow she knew that Kavanaugh was involved. We have seen multiple stories given; there were two men and her, four men and two girls, three men and one girl, has not been consistent in this whatsoever. Further, the people she gave as witnesses, they all deny anything happened, but this is good enough for the leftist press to convict, according to them and some liberal senators, the accused has no right to defend himself, he is a man. Thus guilt is automatically assigned. One other thing, this woman has been a staunch activist for liberals for years, in the end, all I have is questions on all of this, I have a feeling something may have happened, but repressed memories are notorious for being unreliable.

The next accuser we have is even more outlandish in her claims; she says that while at a college party, Kavanaugh pulled his privates out and exposed himself to her. She too does not remember any other details, what is more, she says she came to this conclusion after six days of mind searching and with the help of her attorney, she as if by magic remembered it was Kavanaugh that did this.

Naturally, like the first accuser, Ford, her witnesses say this is false, nothing of the sort ever happened, hundreds of people have come forward and said no, this never happened. This is pushed by the leftist as if it was another nail in the coffin when all it was is slanderous accusations.

But they are not done here; we find now two more women have come forward, each accusation is more preposterous than the last. The next one said that Kavanaugh and his buddy were involved in rape parties, they would drug up the girls and rape them, she claims she went to 9 parties and watched this happen, then stopped going when she was raped herself on the tenth party she attended.

Here is the problem, or better yet problems with her claim. First, she was an adult; she was in college at this time, was going to children’s in high school parties, she supposedly sat around and not only watched the spectacle of seeing girls drugged and raped, but did nothing. Then to top this off, she returned another nine times after watching this. I have to ask about the credibility of this person, don’t care if the Creepy Porn Lawyer, oops I mean Michael Avenatti says this is great, it is on signed affidavits. The fact that she claims there are at least ten parties like this, in a small school, I went to a school like this, this would have been the news of the school, sure would not have been not spoken about for 35 years. This whole story stinks of just another move by the Creepy Porn Lawyer, and yes, I called him that, if the shoe fits, wear it.

Last, there is an anonymous letter by a source that can’t be named that claims such a thing happened 10 years later, I think this letter just belongs in the trash, what I see is a pattern of frivolous accusations, made in a way that is indefensible, how do you defend against something the accuser does not remember, no one saw, yet we are told by our leaders to shut up and step up, we are told by others this is not a court of law, so Kavanaugh has to show his innocence, not the accusing party his guilt.

This is a turning of the values this nation has held from the time the constitution was written, everyone is presumed innocent until guilt is shown, it has never been the other way around, yet we are told, if you are accused of a sexual crime, then deal with it, you are a man, you have no moral right to defend yourself. Is this what the #MeToo movement is coming to, is this what the law is coming to? Why even have the courts, just make an accusation the person goes to jail.

This is the new norm for the left; the truth does not matter, only the perception of the truth. Facts are out the door, feelings in, accusations are the same as the pronouncement of guilt, and we are supposed to accept this, saying anything is unacceptable if you do you are shaming the victim. But are they all victims? Are we just supposed to shut up and not question any accusation? If we do, then justice will never be served. And do women make false accusations, I would say they do, there is a history of this.

Nicola Osborne, 32, of Winchester Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, had told police that she had been bundled in a car by a stranger and taken to a public toilet where she was forcibly raped on July 5 last year. It was later found that she was lying, she, in turn, was sentenced to jail herself. If we were just supposed to take the accusation and not say anything, this poor man would still be in jail. And why did she do this? She did not wish her husband to find out she had a one night stand.

When Elizabeth Coast’s mother discovered her looking at porn on the internet, Coast explained that her actions were the result of sexual abuse she had experienced at the hand of a neighbor. Coast testified that when her neighbor was 14, and she was 10, he had sexually molested her. Her testimony was compelling enough to secure the man’s conviction. He was sentenced to seven years and served four of those until Coast’s guilty conscience became too much to bear and she admitted that she had lied about an innocent man. Coast was sentenced to two months in prison for her lie and must pay the man $90,000 restitution. One has to wonder; she cost him four years of his life, she only gets two months, even that is a travesty of justice.

Rosanne England scratched her face, tore her clothing and concocted a story about a man asking to use her telephone and then violently raping her. She gave police a detailed description that happened to match a 59-year-old father of two teenaged daughters who had no alibi as he had been walking his dog in the woods when the rape allegedly occurred. The man was arrested and held for 28 hours until DNA tests finally cleared him. He continues to face suspicion from his neighbors about his guilt. And what happened to her, she was said to have a mental illness; nothing happened, another man’s life destroyed by this.

Image result for Kelly Harwood fake rape

Kelly Harwood had a few drinks and decided that sleeping with her friend’s son was a good idea. Upon reflection, she decided that she had betrayed her friend by doing so and reported her friend’s son for rape. She told police that she had been raped while sleeping, and her friend’s son was subjected to an “intrusive medical examination and interviewed under caution.” Two days later, Harwood relented and admitted that she had lied about the rape. She was given a year in jail; he faces a lifetime of suspicion.

Lynette Lee arranged to meet a man whom she had contacted through a dating site. They went on a date, which ended with consensual sex in a motel room. Lee then reported the man for forcible rape. He was interviewed by police, who then re-interviewed Lee, who confessed to lying about the rape because “she did not enjoy the sex” and “it was bad.” Women lie about rape if the sex is bad.

Rhiannon Brooker knew her party lifestyle was catching up with her when the law student failed her bar exams. She told her exam committee that her performance was affected by “extenuating circumstances” and had her boyfriend charged with multiple counts of rape and assault, including punching her so hard in the stomach that she miscarried. She faked her injuries to support the charges. The accused spent 36 days in jail before police confirmed that he was at work and had alibis for each of the alleged rapes.

I could go on and on, I have dealt with this personally. When I was younger worked in a business where I was the manager of a furniture store, the night before two of my employees when out with two girls. I did not know this at the time, but the next morning when I was in the shop they stopped by to say hi, the two girls were with them, they introduced them, the girls were kissing them and all that, so I wished them well, had work to do, they went off to eat breakfast. Later that morning both came into work, about 3 hours later the police showed up, arrested the employee, Willie, said he was being arrested on charges of rape.

Turns out the girl upon arriving home was confronted by her boyfriend, rather than admit what had happened she said she was raped. When I heard of what had happened I went to the DA, told him what I saw, he told me that if I were smart I would be quiet or I could face charges of being party to a crime, I refused, went to court, the court refused to accept what me and his friend told them. The problem I think was she was white; he was black. His color of skin meant nothing to me, still does not, sadly it sure did to the courts back then.

This is why every case has to be heard, but it is also why every accusation has to be questioned, we can’t let cases like this destroy a person, to claim this right is not granted because this is not a civil court of law, it is just plain stupidity, a path the liberals have made well worn. We are not living any longer under McCarthyism, although it sure sounds like it, it is time we put a stop to this. Vote in Kavanaugh, we can’t let this stand any longer. Remember, this is not about rape, protecting women’s rights, it never was, it is about control of the Supreme Court, the left will lie, make up stories, destroy lives if that is what is needed to keep control of it.


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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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