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Racism In Democrats Primary, Supreme Court Justice Retiring

Racism In Democrats Primary, Supreme Court Justice Retiring

Yesterday, in a move that surprised the Democrats, a New York socialist ran a campaign on racism, claiming a white person had no right to represent his district and won, he was considered by many to be a viable candidate to challenge Pelosi’s hold on power as head of the DNC in Congress. There was also the news that a very quiet yet noble justice of the Supreme Court was retiring, Supreme Court Justice Kennedy.

Racism Wins

The Democrats, the party that brought about the civil war, the KKK, and internment of Japanese and Germans in both World Wars, turned from their racist past in the 60’s and changed their stripes, or so they say. But one has to ask, did they really, or did they just change their constituents and now are going down the same path, seems like all things, what you run from, if you ignore your history, you are doomed to repeat it, this is what we now see from the left.

I had written on this before with IS AMERICA RACIST, and had shown while the left preaches a good sermon, they don’t practice this when they see it with nations they support in RACISM ON THE RISE – THE LEFT BURIES THEIR HEAD IN THE SAND. Internally this has not changed either, you see this with their support of Farrakhan, with the likes of Ellison and Waters, who love to scream bloody murder of what they see as racism but ignore it when they are involved, I went into this with FARRAKHAN DOES IT AGAIN, WHY IS IT THAT THE LEFT SAYS NOTHING?

We have seen things go full circle; this is usually the case when you hide history you don’t like you can’t learn from mistakes in the past. We have black students demanding a white free day on campus, yelling for their segregation, something their parents or grandparents fought against, many people losing their lives in this struggle in the 50’s and 60’s, yet now they demand it come back, but with a twist, they want to segregate out the whites.

There is a terrible problem with this, and you saw it in South Africa when over 70% of the population is what you are trying to segregate, you may find these people after a while tire of this and rise to stop this. We did see some of this, much to the horror of the left when Trump was elected, and predictably we now see the outrage from the left, after having the majority quietly go around, I think some of this is due to racist policies this population had enacted years ago, they did nothing, but now they are tired of it, the election showed this.

Sadly it turns out rather than taking this as a life lesson, doing some self-searching and changing their direction to appeal to more people, the left has instead blamed everyone, and everything for the lose, and instead of trying to be more inclusive have disenfranchised, attacked and demeaned anyone that did not agree with them.

The shock of the last elections was rather then listening to the browbeating that was sure to follow if one told these people they intended to vote for Trump, people said nothing, then when the election came, they voted for whom they wish to.

The left has no understanding of this, just like last time they gleefully point to the polls, although those aren’t looking so good for them either, Trump is succeeding, he is rising up in approval ratings, and remember, these are slanted against Trump, if they say 45% approval rating, at this point I tack 10% on to that number, figure the actual number is more like 55%.

Further their continuing attacks against people that dared to vote for Trump, now going so far as saying their followers should attack us, get in our face, not let us out in public without a confrontation, this is going to backfire in a big way. What the left has failed to realize is a large percentage of people that voted for Obama felt betrayed by his policies, so they voted for Trump, when you disenfranchise them, make them seem their vote was invalid and their opinions were as well, what makes you think they are going to vote for your platform the next time around?

The left is setting themselves up for a loss every bit as big as the 2016 election, they seem to at this time be incapable of understanding why this is, and to be frank, I don’t mind, the last thing we need is for them to get their act togather. They will keep losing, will continue to turn deeper into their racism, as they do this they are going to find out many voters who used to support them are going to leave wanting nothing to do with them, their loses will only mount and get worse.

Justice Kennedy To Retire

Supreme Court Justice Kennedy announced his retirement from the high court at the end of this judicial calendar, thus setting up what looks like a huge partisan fight in house and senate.

I find it interesting that the Bidden Rule, the rule that put in place no president while in his third year of presidency should be able to nominate and have a vote on a appointee to the Supreme Court, something the left cried foul over, condemned and said was wrong when a Supreme Court opening happened in the last year of Obama’s presidency, they now are demanding this occur in all elections, in other words, a president should only be able to nominate his pick every other year, this is just stupid, but typical hypocrisy from the left.

While I have no issue on this happening every three years at the end of a President’s term, to claim this now should apply the 2nd and 4th year, that is too much, but it is nothing new, Schumer during the Bush presidency vowed to block every nomination in the last year of his administration.

Right now the left and their social justice warriors are desperate, they know that any pick Trump puts on the bench could affect judicial rulings for the next 30 to 40 years, this is why we voted for Trump, a court is the best way to stop what we saw with Obama, even now see with judicial activism from the bench, this is something the left can’t have.

Schumer said Wednesday the opening on the court from Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement is “the most important Supreme Court” vacancy in at least a generation. He said the voices of millions of Americans heading to the polls this fall “deserve to be heard.” The court’s make up will determine essential issues, including reproductive rights.

I say to Chuck Schumer and all of you from the left, exactly what you and Obama told us in 2013, “Elections have consequences.” You were so quick to point this out, seems once more you seem to think what applies to others should not apply to you.

In 2009 Obama told the GOP, “I won!” Guess now it is time for you to understand Trump and the GOP won, if you want to do something about it, vote, until then you have not got the votes in either the Senate or the Congress to stop this from going forward. I would suggest you pull up your pants and act like adults; you were so happy to inform all of us not long ago this was the result of the election, now you are going to experience first hand what we did due to this last election.

We are sad to see Justice Kennedy go, but are happy it is during the time the GOP controls both houses, the left may not like it, but there is nothing they can do, one can only hope that President Trump will nominate someone like his last pick.


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