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Rand Paul SCOLDS Fauci for Lockdown Effects. It Gets Heated!

Rand Paul SCOLDS Fauci for Lockdown Effects. It Gets Heated!

Few people in government have been as critical of the COVID-19 lockdown than Rand Paul. Few people in government have been, in my opinion, bigger turds about COVID lockdowns than Dr. Anthony Fauci. We’re now about 170 days into “15 days to flatten the curve.” Which, as you’ll remember, was to supposedly help hospitals deal with all these sick people. Not to stop people from getting COVID, but to “slow the spread” of the virus. Remember? Rand seems to remember and threw it in Fauci’s face. Fauci didn’t take kindly to it.

Let’s skip down memory lane for a second.

When news came out that Sweden wasn’t doing any of this shutdown bull-caca, plenty of people freaked out. When I say “plenty of people” I’m referring to people I know personally and all the panic-porn twits littering the internet, seemingly hoping millions of people would die from this thing to validate their twisted world view. Sweden was, in their view, committing mass murder. Those of us who didn’t take kindly to draconian measures limiting our freedoms knew Sweden was making a good call and would throw in stark contrast how lockdown measures weren’t the best solution.

And here we are.

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If you’re wondering what Rand Paul is basing his “New York has it the worst” I’d point you in this general direction:

I’ve been against the lockdowns since forever. I’ve not been subtle about it either. My wish would be for people to wake the heck up that this has been about a lot more than a virus. Look at all you’ve given up, maybe even gladly, all in hopes you were doing good. What else will we be asked to give up? How much more power and rights are you willing to cede here?

That’s not a question you need to answer to me. It’s a question you need to ask yourselves when the government tries taking more from you and everyone else by extension. Are you going to give it up? Or tell them to screw off?

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