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In The Rear View Mirror – May 3, 2018

In The Rear View Mirror – May 3, 2018

We have in the news looking back at yesterday and seeing what is before us, Mueller threatens subp0ena to try to force Trump to testify, Rod Rosenstein then tells Congress, even though they are threatening to impeach him he will not release any memo to them, and last we have the scarlet starlet Stormy Danielle.

Robert Mueller Threatens Subpoena

This is rather funny, under the constitution you can’t subpoena a sitting president, the only ones that hold such power is the Congress, at no time does the special counsel office possess this right. Seems for some odd reason Mueller has forgotten the constitutional powers, thinks he has a legal right to force the president to bend to his will, seems he forgot, if the president so wished, he could fire him, not always wise to demand of your boss and then threaten them, you may find yourself out of a Job.

At this point, with witnesses saying they are coming out of interviews with Robert Mueller and his gang, with threats if they talk they could face further problems, this witch hunt has cost people their homes, savings, and reputation, yet it keeps coming. It is time to start looking for reimbursement, when members under this investigation say they will never again serve in any GOP run looks like Mueller and the deep state is getting what they want, working to make it impossible for the Republicans to run, what they can’t win by votes they will be threatening and bankrupting individuals. I would also love to see Robert Mueller and others have to answer in cash for what they are doing, maybe after this is all done the same treatment should be done to them and anyone tied to them.

Rod Rosenstein Refuses To Honor Congressional Demands

Rod Rosenstein is another out of control bureaucrat, seems he has lost sight that he was hired into a job, not elected, as such he is answerable to the people we elected to have oversight of the Justice Department. For some reason, he seems to think he is above all this, when the information on his notes giving Mueller direction towards his mandate, he has openly and defiantly refused to hand anything over.

Congress after trying to get this data has then threatened the one thing they can do, to bring him up on impeachment charges, at this point I think they have little or no choice to do so, to claim that they are somehow mafia thugs because they told him to comply or face possible charges he told them he will not bend, it is obvious he has no clue of his constitutional powers.

We have seen this time after time, congressional committees ask for information, the Justice Department refuses to comply, one has to wonder, where is Attorney Jeff Sessions? While he may have excused himself from this investigation, he does still hold the power to force Rosenstein under direction to either comply or be fired, if he is not going to exercise his authority maybe it is time to get rid of him and bring in someone that will.

Stormy Danielle’s Irrelevance Again

LAS VEGAS, NV – JANUARY 27: Adult film actress/director Stormy Daniels attends the 2018 Adult Video News Awards at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on January 27, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

We have now seen Guliani throw off the wolfs with a simple admission, and it is not to hard to fathom. Stormy Danielle’s was paid off by Trump’s attorney that handled such things to the tune of a $130,000 for confidentiality, Trump out of personal funds reimbursed for the payment. Such a payment is by no means an admission of guilt, you see it all the time with big corporations, if they don’t think something is worth the resources to battle, they will pay off to get them out of their hair.

Stormy Danielle’s, a one-time porn star is trying to gain her five minutes of fame, what I find interesting, and it could leave here in legal jeopardy is her thinking she can break the agreement, not offer even a refund of the money, and she is good to disclose as she wishes. Going on TV was a stupid move, she violated the agreement, I hope at this point Trump sues the daylights out of her.

The sad thing is Stormy Danielle’s is being used by people who could care less about her, this is all part of their witch hunt on President Trump, when her moment is done, they will throw her in the same pile they have with others they have used up, then tossed out when their usefullness has ended, too bad she does not realize this, but will find out when they are done, all she has is what once was, the counter suit for violating a nonconfidentality agreement will start, she will then only be left with her memories, for the suit will take everything else, for Trump can sue for what her coming out has caused in damage.




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