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Release The FISA Abuse Memo

Release The FISA Abuse Memo

We have heard it on the news since Friday, there is a FISA abuse memo detailing abuses by the Obama administration within the FBI and Justice Department, that we know of, where a conspiracy to put a halt to Trump before the election, but then delving into what could be seen as sedition after the election. It is time to stop the speculation, the frantic efforts by the left to say it must remain secret, we need to see this now. Mr. President, please issue an order, as only you can do, to declassify this and release it so we can all know what it is in it. 

On Friday this was first released:


Because the left knows that this is a very damning to them, by everyone that has seen this we have heard this from the Conservative side, the left is going out of their way to keep this classified. We heard from the congressman in the above video where first the Democrats tried to keep anyone from looking at it, this alone is troubling, but when you hear from person after person that this memo was forwarded for possible criminal investigation, this is not a mere memo as the Democratic member of the Intel Committee is try to say.

I learned long ago that when one party or the other is frantically going out of their way to try to block a memo, it should be released. First, this is not a talking point from the GOP, this came from an investigative staff from both sides of the Isle that put this together, and now they are downplaying it this way? That alone lets us all know the damning information that is contained within. 

What we need to ask is not just the memo get released, but the whole supporting evidence as well. There is one person that can do this; he has shown courage to do what is right in the past, we now call on Trump to declassify this now. 

I at this point am starting to wonder if this is as damning as I think it is, and I will not speculate until the document is released, it was bad enough that over 150 Congressional members saw this document, over 65 as soon as they saw this signed a petition to have this released to the public.

We want this released, if this whole thing were a big collision between departments of the Obama administration to stop the transfer of power to Trump, you would have a clear-cut case of sedition, being in power does not give you the right to ignore the law, we need to not only have this uncovered, but to put a investigation if it is found to be accurate what we are being told, impeachments, prison sentences and possible run up to the highest person involved. 

We need to start filling up Twitter, write to our congressmen, to the white house and demand that this is done, we all need to know. 

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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