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Remember When President Obama Declared Baltimore Rioters Criminals and THUGS?

Remember When President Obama Declared Baltimore Rioters Criminals and THUGS?

By Bekah Lyons


President Obama chose to inject his Marxist “Black Liberation theology” into the current crisis climate after the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis this last week. He chose to focus on dividing this country by pointing to his perceptions of injustice as if the United States still suffers the systemic racism of the 1800s or 1960s.

President Trump has also called those choosing to engage in criminal activity and rioting thugs too.

The continuation of that above tweet has been since censored by Twitter, stating the tweet was a violation of Twitter guidelines on inciting violence. Here is that part of the President’s tweet:

Earlier in the day, the President tweeted another tweet that was also censored – “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Read Trump’s defense of that tweet. Of course, the media jumped on it as well drawing up history without any context of today’s events.

But in 2015, following the death of Freddie Gray and Baltimore erupted in riots. President Obama came to the podium, sounding very much like President Trump’s tweets today.

Obama was clear – ​”That is not a protest. It is not a statement. It’s people, a handful of people, taking advantage of a situation for their own purposes – and they need to be treated as criminals,” Obama said from the White House. “My understanding is you’ve got some of the same organizers now going back into these communities to try to clean up in the aftermath of a handful of protesters – a handful of criminals and thugs who tore up the place​,” Obama said.

President Obama’s tenure saw numerous episodes of civil unrest and even race riots here are a few:

  1. Oscar Grant Riots, California
  2. Trayvon Martin Riots, Florida
  3. Manuel Diaz Violence, California
  4. Kimini Gray Riots, New York
  5. Michael Brown, Missouri 
  6. Freddie Gray, Baltimore
  7. Tamir Rice, Ohio

Gallup Poll assessed Americans’ sentiment about race relations as Obama left office and found majority polled race relations got worse. Americans are far less positive today about what Barack Obama’s presidency means for the advancement of blacks in the U.S. than they were shortly after his historic election. Currently, 32% say Obama’s presidency is one of the most important advances for blacks in the past 100 years, down from 71% immediately after he was elected and 58% nine months into his first term.

Why does Obama get to label criminal activity of rioters Thugs and Trump gets accused of racism when he does the same?

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