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Renée Graham, Woke Liberal Shows Caravan Of Trump Supporters, Puts Up Photo Of ISIS, Says No Difference

Renée Graham, Woke Liberal Shows Caravan Of Trump Supporters, Puts Up Photo Of ISIS, Says No Difference

Renee Graham, who works for the Boston Globe, came out this weekend after seeing a Trump-supporting caravan photo, posted a picture of ISIS next to them, said he could not see any difference between the two.

The Globe’s editor and managing editor did not immediately respond to 0censor News request for comment. The publication lists Graham as an associate editor and columnist. 

In response to one user’s comment, Graham suggested that Trump supporters would be willing to “toss gays from the roof.”

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“Well, the group on the right would toss gays from the roof. That’s a pretty big difference,” the user responded. Graham replied: “I almost admire your optimism.”

Another said compared to each other, not Trump supporters are beheading children, nor are they killing people who will not convert, slaughtering gays and others that don’t match with their idea of proper living.

One has to look at this and be honest; while I have heard Trump supporters say they are Christians, Jews, or other faiths that believe homosexuality is a sin. I have never heard one call for their death, not to be allowed to live in a way that makes them happy, yet we hear this from Democrats.

It is not Trump marches that are burning cities, looting stores, shooting at people because they support Biden; only liberals are doing this.

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Funny thing is, people like Graham are accusing us of what his side is doing.

The Trump administration has led a global push to decriminalize homosexuality.

A so-called “Trump Train” caught criticism on Friday after vehicles surrounded former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign bus.

Yet they did nothing, in spite of some claiming they tried to run the bus off the road, they drove with it for a few miles, then turned off on the next exist and went home.

This is like the protestors in Michigan, the ones that showed up armed to protest the governor’s lockdown of the city. We have heard them compared to radicals, yet they did nothing but peacefully protest and go home.

Were there radical actors within those ranks, we found out later there were when a small group tried to set up to kidnap the Michigan governor, yet this was rejected by all. Besides if you look at the manifesto of this small group, they were not Trump supporters, they were anarchist. Yet the left tries to blame Trump for this, the Governor sure did.

But things are getting worse, now we are hearing from the left that if they win, they are calling for a tribunal, one that will vet out Trump supporters, the Democrat version of the McCarthy hearings.

I don’t know about you, but if I ever get called to one of these, I will make sure I wear my MAGA hat on the way in, may as well drive them as crazy as possible.

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