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Rep. Cedric Richmond Makes Fake Claim, Then Refuses To answer Court Packing Question.

Rep. Cedric Richmond Makes Fake Claim, Then Refuses To answer Court Packing Question.

So far, Joe Biden has refused to answer if he will pack the Supreme Court or not, something that shows he must have an intent to do this. Rep. Cedric Richmond, Biden’s campaign Chairman, instead of answering the court-packing question, tried to claim that the GOP was doing this by filling open positions in lower courts.

The defense the left is using for court-packing is that somehow Trump has packed the appeals courts. It turns out they once more are ignoring this is the job of the president, rather than look for the color of the skin, as Democrats love to do, Trump has looked for judges that are strict constitutionalist rather than activist, their skin color is a secondary issue.

This type of thinking is not acceptable to the left; they feel that Trump’s first criteria should be based on race, down the list should be how the people interpret the constitution, if they feel we should look at the authors intended or how the left wants political correctness read into our rights.

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“He said this was an answer he’d give after the election. This is a big issue so can you clarify, first of all, what is the answer? Does he support expanding the Supreme Court?” ABC News’ Jon Karl asked.

“Well, one, that’s a better question for me. I’m in Congress. It would take legislation from the United States Congress and the United States Senate to do it, but that Joe Biden and Sen. Harris are very clear that it is a distraction. We should not be talking about a hypothetical court-packing once this nominee is confirmed,” Richmond explained. “When we’re talking about packing, we’re talking about all the judges that he’s packing on the court right now.”

“He’s urging the Senate to go in and spend every waking moment to confirm this judge as opposed to, with 23 days left before an election, as opposed to passing a coronavirus economic relief bill for those who can’t pay their bills right now. And he packed the appellate court, the circuit court, with 50 judges, but I bet he didn’t mention that to black or brown people at his White House event yesterday,” the congressman stated.

It turns out not only is Richmond not being honest, but he is also trying to spin from the truth. The reason there is no bill passed is due to the Democrat’s demand for funding for Cities that are enabling riots and giving aid to illegals, something that has been known to be a no goes since the last stimulus was passed.

We are finding the left is more concerned about pushing their agenda, then they are concerned about the people they are supposed to represent. They are willing to sacrifice the good of the people to try to push for a victory.

We are seeing this now being pushed as a racial issue, it is not, but instead of answering, the Democrats are claiming that the lack of colored judges shows that the GOP is packing the courts.

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