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Rep. Eric Swalwell says, “Imagine killing Mickey Mouse because you want to attack gay people.”

Rep. Eric Swalwell says, “Imagine killing Mickey Mouse because you want to attack gay people.”
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The Democrat Left has a group of people who my wife used to have a perfect saying for, “These people are so smart they are stupid.” There are times when I remember this advice and wonder, “How did she get this right so many times?”

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Case in point, Rep. Eric Swalwell, our representative who kept company with spies, wait, he did much more than that. He was sleeping with a Chinese spy; he must have thought he was witty when he pulled a Hogg moment and decided to attack California.

Imagine wanting the right to attack gay people so badly that you’d kill Mickey Mouse to do it. – Representative Eric Swalwell

Once more, it seems Swalwell has missed out on why people have a problem with adults talking to their five and six-year-olds about sex or transexual identity; we send our children to school to learn basic education, subjects like Math, social studies, geography, reading, and writing, we don’t send our children to be brainwashed and groomed by these people. Someone talking to a child in any other setting about sex, or homosexuality, would be seen as creepy and, in many cases, would be met with a very forceful rejection if not elicit a violent response.

It turns out I am not the only one that feels this way, so did many who responded to Swalwell’s tweet:

Richard Grenell responded on Twitter – Stop treating gays like we are weak people. It’s creepy to talk to kindergartners about sex when you aren’t their parents.

Mountain Poet Tweeted – Kill Micky Mouse? Swalwell is so full of __it. The Mouse has had one of the longest copyrights in American history. Little did we know Disney could do almost anything it wanted to Florida, except convince parents that small children need sex & gender stuffed down their throats.

Brock Shelton states what most of us are thinking when he Tweeted – I truly believe it is creepy to talk to kindergarteners about sex, period. Call me small-minded. I don’t care.

Then there were your typical ignorant posts from Leftists:

  A Twitter user named I’m saying gay every day from now on Tweeted – Same crowd that wanted to continue owning other human beings so badly that they were willing to quit America and send their sons to die on battlefields, so I guess it isn’t that hard to imagine.

Funny, last I checked on this, history tells us it was the Democrats who wanted to continue owning slaves, declared war on the US to do this, and started the civil war. I guess this man has no clue about history.

And then you had Langdon Grant, who has no clue what the special privileges are given to Disney, so he in indignation Tweeted – Except he’s not killing Mickey. He’s giving Mickey a tax break and shifting a lot of expenses to his own constituents, whose taxes will now have to be raised to cover those costs.

The Left has no clue what Disney had with these special privileges. They got tax breaks because they handled their own policing and road work now, they will pay the same as everyone else, and instead of being in charge of their police, the county and state will be.

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It’s amazing; for the last fifty years, all I have heard from the left is corporations should pay their fair share, but now that a corporation is being told they will get no tax breaks and pay their fair share, suddenly, this is a huge problem with these people. One must wonder, “If they did not have double standards, would they have any at all?”

The chances are that Swalwell never read the Florida bill. Most attacking it have no clue that this is not an attack against gays; it is about protecting Florida’s children, nothing more.

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