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Report: Pennsylvania Postal Worker Alleges Potential Mail-In Ballot Fraud

Report: Pennsylvania Postal Worker Alleges Potential Mail-In Ballot Fraud

As of Friday morning, Donald Trump still has less than a 20,000-vote lead over Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, with 97% reporting. That’s getting in to “every vote counts” territory. Let me also say that there is a healthy use of allegedly and supposedly here. Because as we all know, there is no hard evidence of massive voter fraud. Just a lot of anecdotal evidence of potential voter fraud. Here Project Veritas speaks to an allegedly supposedly USPS whistleblower from Pennsylvania supposedly alleging his superiors were ordering people to postmark ballots November 3, even if they came in after.

All these ballots that are coming in today, tomorrow, yesterday — are all supposed to be postmarked the third.

I don’t think — I wasn’t supposed to hear that. … I don’t even think he realized I was still there.

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I mean, could this guy be a Trump supporter telling stories just to muddy the waters? Perhaps. Until he says these things under oath, right now it’s just an allegedly supposedly guy supposedly alleging things. But there sure are a lot of people doing that. James O’Keefe comes from the Andrew Breitbart school of “drip, drip, drip” when it comes to releasing news. And if there is one thing Democrats and the media have accomplished over the past four years, it’s creating a healthy distrust of Democrats and the media on anything Trump-related. For the sake of the country, I pray this gets resolved soon.

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