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Report Shows Senate Sliding To the GOP in 2022, The House Will as Well

Report Shows Senate Sliding To the GOP in 2022, The House Will as Well

It looks like three Senate seats that were considered firm Democratic seats aren’t so strong anymore, according to Cook Political Report, which just pushed them into the ‘toss-up’ zone:


THE HILL – The Cook Political Report is shifting three hotly contested Senate races into the toss-up column, a move that suggests a more favorable environment for the GOP.

The Senate contests in Arizona, Georgia and Nevada once leaned toward Democrats. That changed on Friday when the nonpartisan election handicapper reclassified them as toss-up races, meaning that they could go in either direction.

All three seats are currently held by Democratic incumbents, Sens. Mark Kelly (Ariz.), Raphael Warnock (Ga.) and Catherine Cortez Masto (Nev.). Republicans see those seats as their best pickup opportunities in 2022.

In Arizona, a crowded field of Republicans is vying for the nomination to challenge Kelly next year. While he remains among the best-funded Democratic Senate incumbents in the country, Kelly is still facing strong headwinds heading into his reelection bid, especially given Arizona’s relatively new status as a battleground.

The Republican nominating contests in Georgia and Nevada are still unsettled, as well. But the GOP has clear frontrunners in both states.

In Georgia, former President Donald Trump and Republican leaders have endorsed former NFL star Herschel Walker to take on Warnock next year. Likewise, Trump has endorsed Republican Adam Laxalt in the Nevada GOP Senate primary.

There are 34 seats up in 2022, with 20 of them Republican seats. I hope we win a lot more than just three.

With the House looking like it will be lost to GOP, and now the Senate is looking like it will be held by the GOP, but with a slight lean for them, we can see work done, but it would be nice if the Senate could, like the House, end up with a filibuster-proof majority.

As Biden and the Left continue to act like we have an endless piggybank to draw from, thus putting debt on our children they can never hope to pay, opening our borders, pushing “woke” idiocy, oops, mean ideology on us, the rest of the nation is starting to respond by rejecting this.

Add to this the racist push by the left to force CRT on our innocent children; we are seeing a response on the local level with far-Left activist politicians losing their jobs. This has continued at the State and Federal levels. We have seen some of the far-left actors say the reason for the loss is they aren’t pushing radical enough of an agenda; we can only hope they continue down this silly path. It seems that actors like Ilhan, AOC, and others fail to realize, it is not that we want something more radical; we want things to slide back to the middle. The more they continue down this path, the more they will lose touch with Middle America.

Carl Rove is right in his call, although I can’t entirely agree with his assessment of Trump, he states:

Karl Rove: “So how many House seats could the GOP pick up? Political scientist John Petrocik suggests Republicans should temper their expectations. Even with favorable redistricting, it’s unlikely the GOP will match its 2010 gain of 63 seats. There are only 44 House Democrats who won by 10 points or less—which likely means they’re vulnerable, given the shift toward Republicans in Virginia and New Jersey.”

“It helps that Republicans already gained 13 seats in 2020, one of only eight instances since World War II when the party losing the presidential race added House seats. Since 1945, the party in the White House has lost an average of 30 House seats in midterms. That means the GOP could be looking at getting over 230 after 2022 victories if they campaign intelligently. (A majority is 218.) But that’s an important ‘if.'”

“Even with the momentum the GOP has today, 2022 will test the mettle of Republican candidates and the quality of their messages. A surefire way for Republicans to lose otherwise winnable contests is to let them become referendums on Mr. Trump’s claim that he’s the real president.”


We may not like it, but Biden is the president; if he won it legitimately or not, that is not material in this upcoming election. Plus, the greatest person to help the GOP win back control is not Trump; it is Biden. His actions alienating the rest of the country are far better traction to move people towards the GOP than anything anyone else could say.

If we stay the course, we should be able to get out of this nightmare in 2022, and if the Senate and House are won, then maybe the first on their agenda should be to do what the Democrats tried to do two years ago, and failed, rid ourselves of the blights in the White House, both of them.

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