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Republicans introduce HUNTER Act to ban government funding for crack pipes

Republicans introduce HUNTER Act to ban government funding for crack pipes

Well, if it ever gets to President Biden’s desk, it certainly stands a possibility of being vetoed even though the cause seems somewhat reasonable.

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According to Fox News:

A pair of Republican lawmakers authored new legislation to ban federal taxpayer dollars from funding crack pipes, needles and other drug paraphernalia, following a firestorm over a viral report that alleged the Biden administration would be funding crack pipes for addicts.

Reps. Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Dan Bishop of North Carolina said in an exclusive joint interview with Fox News Digital that the Biden administration got caught “red-handed” trying to fund crack pipes as part of a $30 million grant program and that legislation is needed to stop the “ridiculous” proposal. The White House has denied the grant would fund crack pipes.

They’ve introduced the Halting the Use of Narcotics Through Effective Recovery Act this week, dubbing the bill the HUNTER Act, in reference to President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, who has openly struggled with drug addiction.

The delicious irony of this is almost too much to pass up on; passing a bill across Biden’s desk named after his crack head son is something even I could not make up, and I am an author.

But this also points to the idiocy of this government, paying tens of millions to buy crack pipes for addicts instead of spending money in the interdiction of drugs, or better yet, increasing funding for treatment of addiction.

There is a point where this passes from absurd to outright stupid. Many of us in my age group know of drugs; many of us had used them when kids, but at no time did any of us, even when we were doing stupid things like this, expect the government to aid in our use. And how does this in any way help people in inner cities? Contributing to their addiction will never make them stop being an addict.

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Sometimes I turn on the news, like when this story of crack pipes broke; I first thought this was something from Babylon Bee or the Onion, but sadly found out this was true. It seems this government is clueless under Biden’s leadership; it could be why he is now facing record-low approval ratings at this point of his presidency.

I used to think Obama was the most radical president we could ever have; I take that back; Biden is making him look more towards the center with the moves he and his administration are taking.

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