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Republicans Keep Senate, Gain Seats In House

Republicans Keep Senate, Gain Seats In House

We have seen the presidential race, we at 0censor have called this for Trump, but equally important is the Senate and House races; these two could decide if Trump gets anything done or face impeachment trials if the Democrats take control of both houses. 


At the current time, the Senate Republicans have lost one seat to the Democrats, yet, with Trump winning the election, the Democrats would have needed to pick up four seats. It looks at this time they will gain one, a possibility of two with Georgia going into a forced runoff election.

We are looking at three races that are not called at this time: Susan Collins, who is leading 371,481 to 309,530 for her Democrat rival, Sara Gideon. With 85% of the polls reporting, Collins has a chance of over 90% of winning this race, 0censor calls this for Collins.

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In Michigan, with over 89% of the votes counted, John James, the Republican challenger, shows a lead in the race, 2,394,815 vs. 2,332,024. If he wins this, and 0censor is calling the race for him, this will even out the loss seat for the Republicans.

Last, in North Carolina, Thom Tillis, the GOP incumbent, is leading his Democrat challenger, Cal Cunningham, by 2,640,381 vs 2,543,693, with 93% of the votes in, there is no way I see a path to victory for Cal Cunningham, 0censor calls the race for Thom Tillis.

At this point, the election shows no change in the Senate. With the runoff in Georgia, there could be a loss of one seat for the GOP; although it is questionable, they will still keep the Senate.


The house looks like it will stay with the Democrats, yet we are seeing 4 seat loss that is called, there are another 14 seats still being contested. To gain control of the house the GOP would have to pick up more then 10 seats, at the most it looks like they could pick up 3 or 4 more of the contested seats, this would have them gain seven or eight seats, tightening up the House, forcing the Democrats to work with the Republicans if they want to get anything done, yet the Democrats will lose their overwhelming majority in the house.

These are the seats that were open, and this is how 0censor is calling it.

California · District 21 David Valadao (Republican) leads, yet, with less then 50% of the count in, and the lead is not overwhelming, there is no way to call this.

California · District 25 Christy Smith leads, yet with 74% of the votes counted, the lead is only by less then 3,000 votes, it is still too early to call this.

Georgia · District 6 with 99% of the votes counted Lucy McBath (Democrat) wins this race.

Georgia · District 7 Carolyn Bourdeaux (Democrat is leading), with 100% of the votes reporting, a lead by over 8,000 0censor calls the race for Carolyn.

Illinois · District 13 · 99% reporting, Rodney Davis has retained his seat.

Indiana · District 5 · 87% reporting, Victoria Spartz leads, even though she is only pulling in 51% of the vote, a third candidate, a independent is pulling enough votes to keep her in the lead. 0censor calls this for Victoria Spartz, she will retain her seat.

Iowa · District 1 · 100% reporting, Ashley Hinson (Republican) leads, 0censor calls this for Ashley.

Iowa· District 2 · There are two new contestants running, Mariannette Miller-Meeks (Republican), is leading, 0censor calls this one, but it is the hardest to call with her leading by less then 300 votes and 100% votes in.

Iowa · District 3 · 100% reporting, Cindy Axne (Democrat) leads, 0censor calls this for her.

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Maine · District 2 · 87% reporting, Jared Golden (Democrat) leads, while there is a number of votes still to be counted, Jared Golden’s lead is enough to be almost impossible to overcome, 0censor calls the race for him.

Minnesota · District 7 · 100% reporting, Michelle Fischbach (Republican) won

Nebraska · District 2 · 97% reporting, Donald Bacon (Republican) won

New Jersey · District 3 · 76% reporting, Andy Kim (Democrat) won

New Mexico · District 2 · 95% reporting, Yvette Herrell (Republican) won

New York · District 11 · 95% reporting, Nicole Malliotakis (Republican) leads,0censor calls this win for her.

New York · District 22 · 93% reporting, Claudia Tenney leads, her lead is strong enough that 0censor calls her a winner.

Ohio · District 1 · 100% reporting, Steve Chabot (Republican) won

Oklahoma · District 5 · 100% reporting, Stephanie Bice (Republican) won.

Pennsylvania · District 10 · 85% reporting, Scott Perry (Republican) leads, with the sizable lead, 0censor calls the race for him.

South Carolina · District 1 · 95% reporting, Nancy Mace (Republican) won

Texas · District 21 · 92% reporting, Chip Roy (Republican) won.

Texas · District 22 · 80% reporting, Troy Nehls (Republican) won.

Texas · District 24 · 79% reporting, Beth Van Duyne (Republican) leads, yet with a lead of only 4,500 it is still too early to call.

Virginia · District 2 · 99% reporting, Elaine Luria (Democrats) leads, 0censor calls the race for her.

Virginia · District 7 · 100% reporting, Nick Freitas (Republican) leads, 0censor calls the race for him.

What we have is a tightening up of the House, whoever leads the house will have to deal with the Republicans to get anything done, the super-majority that the Democrats had is no longer a reality.

With a Trump victory, the Senate stays as it is with the GOP in control, and the Democrats loosing a large number of seats, this will be a more friendly House towards Trump.

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